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    Calla or Calantha? + Middle name suggestions

    If we have a girl, we would like to honor my great grandmother by naming her after Granny's favorite flower, calla lily. We can't decide between Calla or Calantha. What do you think?

    Also, what middle names would you suggest for each? Our last name sounds similar to Team. We are looking for meaningful middle names, especially ones that reflect our Christian faith. (Not Biblical names, but meanings with biblical concepts like ''light'', ''grace'' ''gift'' ''blessing'' ''peace'' etc.)

    Thanks so much for your suggestions!

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    I like Calla better. Calantha sounds a bit made up imo.

    Middle name ideas
    Charis - means grace
    Delphine - means dolphin
    Jemima - means dove
    Tabitha - means doe
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    Calla Antimony. But definitely Calla.

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    Definitely Calla. It feels complete, whereas Calantha feels a bit made up.
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    I prefer Calla for you and your namesake as it's more direct. I do like Calanthe myself, though I'm not as fond of Calantha.

    Calla Eudora was the first combo to come to mind, Eudora meaning 'generous (good gift)'. Also, Calla Irene '(time of) peace', Calla Trinity (Christian holy trinity), Calla Beatrix (early Christian, association with beatus) 'blessed', Calla Mehitabel 'God makes happy', Calla Sunday (holy day) & Calla Dorothea 'gift of God'.

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    I much prefer Calla. Calla is really pretty!

    Calla Helena (Bright, shining light)
    Calla Lucille (Light)
    Calla Dorothea (Gift of God)
    Calla Evanna (God is gracious)
    Calla Elise (Pledged to God)
    Calla Elysia ( I am not sure if this also means pledged to God or something else)
    Calla Isabelle (Pledged to God)
    Calla Esme (Esteemed, beloved; emerald)
    Calla Vivienne (Life)
    Calla Oriana (Dawn)
    Calla Nadine (Hope)
    Calla Adeline (Noble)
    Calla Adelaide (Noble)
    Calla Alina (Bright, beautiful)

    Calla Serenity
    Calla Verity
    Calla Hope
    Calla Faith
    Calla Sunday
    Calla Dove
    Calla Honora
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    I think Calantha is beautiful. It's length, rhythm and the softness of the "th" are part of its attraction for me. You also have a greater range of nicknames such as Allie, Annie, Lana and Thea. On the other hand, Calla feels incomplete and little plain. It's similar to a number of popular names like Mila, Ella, Layla and Anna.

    I hope you're not discouraged by some previous comments made about Calantha looking made up because the name is very much grounded in meaning. The "antha" part is derived from anthos meaning flower and it's found in other names like Anthea, Diantha, Evanthe and Chrysanthemum.

    As for middles, my first thought was Dawn. It can be symbolic of new life, beginnings, brightness and hope. I also adore the imagery of the emerging sun and colours of dawn.

    All the best finding a name you both love!

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    Calla is a beautiful name!

    What about Calla Lucia, Calla Liora or Calla Leora? They all mean beautiful light - which I find really beautiful, both in sound, look and meaning

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    I like Calla, it’s short, sweet and very pretty. Meanwhile, like others have stated, Calantha sounds a little too made up!
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