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    For older moms: do you feel like all the good names are taken?

    For those of you who are expecting baby #3, 4, or higher (or for those of you who are in your late 30s to 40s) do you kind of feel like all the good names have been taken?

    At this point, almost everybody we know has multiple kids -- our siblings, cousins, friends. Plus, we interact with so many kids at school, church, etc. Our taste has always tended toward the classic and less common, but at this point, people we interact with on a regular basis have used most of the names that were on our list. Plus, some of the names that were comfortably uncommon 10-15 years ago are now well into the top 100 (like Charlotte, Violet, Hazel, Eleanor, Nora, Cora, and Ivy).

    I remember this whole baby naming thing being easier 10 years ago, when I was in my 20s. I felt like I could easily name six or seven daughters, and now I'm struggling to come up with even one name that I love and that hasn't been used by someone we see regularly.

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    It's not really an issue as much for me, as in my circles we often name for the same biblical/religious/cultural figures. Most kids are used to having another kid in class with the same name, and know many others with the same name too.

    I like to double their names up in unique ways, and call them by two, so my daughter wouldn't be called "Ivy," rather "Ivy Louisa." If we'd go with straight "Ivy" though, no one would bat an eyelash.

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    There are a few names in my family that I love that have been used already (Mason, Elaina, Olivia, Mila, Violet, etc.) but most tend to be very classic (Alexander, Evan, Nicholas, Penelope) or trendy (Mikayla, Mya) and not quite my style. The older generations in my family were full of Jims, Johns, Elizabeths, Marys, etc. and so repeating, especially with a different spelling if possible, I think is fine. For instance, Elena is our leading choice right now for another girl (pronounced like Elaina, but because it's spelled differently I don't even think of my cousin). We are also considering Mason and I feel like we never see existing Mason, so it should be okay. I believe if you love the name, you should use it, and so many of the naming styles on Nameberry are more distinctive than what is popular out in the world for the most part. I do know of several baby Leos as well, but we don't see them, so I don't regret having used it. Maybe if we saw these people more I would feel differently.
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    My husband and I had Theodore picked out as the only boy name we could agree on in 2010, when it sat comfortably in the mid-200s for popularity. It was still a strong contender for Atticus' name four months ago, but ultimately I couldn't do it because of the popularity. Up to #44 now. Crazy how quickly names can catapult into the top 100!

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    Oh, wow! I had no idea it was the in top 100 now. Ten years ago, I used to watch the SSA data really closely, but I haven't been paying attention the last few years.

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