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    Does anyone think this name could suit a little girl today? Would Gala be a good nickname? What about Gilda, or Galina and Gilda as sisters?

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    Galina is sweet and bright!!
    Gilda and Galina are nice together
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    Gala is a great nickname for Galina!
    I think Gilda and Galina sound too similar for sisters...
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    I like Galina, its Reds name in orange is the new black.

    Gil or Lin could be cute nicknames.
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    It is really pretty, but since I am very familiar with Russia and have family from there and other slavic areas it feels very slavic to me and I would assume someone named Galina was from there.
    Nothing wrong with using slavic names though, but I think many will associate it with Russian names. Or perhaps I feel it more strongly because of my roots there?
    Maybe this is not even something people from an english speaking country notice or think of?

    For me Gilda and Galina are very unsimilar when it comes to origin, feel and style, but they are quite similar in sound and letters. If you like similar sounds / matchy names for siblings it definitely works, but it is not something I personally like.

    Gala is a very good nickname for Galina! Most people I know use Gala or Lina as nicknames.
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    Galina is an uncommon last name and looks made up. Gilda is an Italian name that is to be pronounced Jilda, but I know many use the hard G.

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    Not a fan of Galina but I do love Gala or Gal as nicknames.
    Gilda and Galina go well together.
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    I would love to meet a Galina in the real world. I have the name on my collector's list. It's a little unusual but it's instinctive to pronounce and spell so I see no significant problems using it.

    Gilda and Galina are quite similar. They share four letters between them, both start with the same letter and end in the same vowel sound. I would prefer sibling names to be more distinct from one another.

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