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Thread: Blair vs Claire

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    Blair vs Claire

    I’ve always loved the name Claire. It was on my short list when I was pregnant with both my daughters. Part of the reason I ultimately chose to go with other names is because of some feedback I received regarding Claire: it was generic and popular - everyone knows a Claire.

    Blair has started to grow on me. Obviously a similar sound but a little bit of a different vibe and not as common.

    Which do you prefer and why?
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    I prefer Claire - because of the meaning of the name. There is this amazingly inspiring girl who was named Claire Lucia (Wineland), meaning clear light. I always found that beautiful. If you're interested you can find a documentary about her here:

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    Claire has a beautiful meaning, also sounds cute.

    I don’t have opinion about Blair, just remembers me the British PM Tony Blair. Not more.
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    100% on team Blair! I know SOOOOO many Claire's. It is insane! My husband and I were just chatting about this the other day when yet another friend was announcing they'd be using it. Another alternative which I find more enjoyable to say and more beautiful and unique (while still being familiar) is Cora.

    I do prefer the Blaire spelling!

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    Claire is timeless, and I’d consider it somewhat of a classic at this point. I wouldnt say it’s generic, more in the same vein as Eleanor, Alice, Lauren (more modern classic, I suppose), Abigail, etc.

    I prefer Claire with your daughter’s name, however I do really like Blair as well, though I prefer the Blaire spelling.
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    I prefer Claire over Blair.

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    I prefer Blair but you seem to be liking Claire more. It is classic, works with your daughters and feels fresh and sweet
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    I love Blaire! (With this spelling). I mean I like both names but prefer Blaire over Claire and I like it better with your girls names... but honestly either would sound good!

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    I know several Claires, I'm a bit tired of it. Blair is really nice!
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    I prefer Claire! It's timeless, sweet, internacional and extremely elegant. Claire is a beautiful name for all ages. Blair is a modern alternative, but Claire is definitely my favorite option.
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