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    First baby in October - name help please!

    Hi all,

    This is my first time on this forum as I will be expecting my first baby in October. I'm just starting to think about what to name the little one and I could definitely use some help.

    Here are some of the names I've been thinking about for if it's a girl. (I know I want to give my baby at least two names, maybe three if I like the combination).

    First names:
    Mia, Leora, Lily, Daisy, Nia, Franka, Katie, Eira, Moxie, Sama

    Second names:
    Pippin, Marlowe, Rozen, Lenthe, Emma, Francesca (my mum), Wolfe, May, Cosima, Wren, Catharina (grandmother), Artemis, Winter

    Hope you can offer some advice on these names, or maybe even suggest other names that I might like based on the list above.

    Best wishes,
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    To give you an idea of what I'm thinking about. Combinations I really like are:

    - Katie Leora
    - Daisy Wolfe

    or with a third name:

    - Daisy Cosima Wolfe
    - Katie Pippin Leora

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    Moxie Francesca is my top choice from your lists, but the flow really depends on your last name.

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts on your list:

    Mia-I love this. It's my sweet kitty's name. It's spunky, feminine & a little artsy. My cat's name is Amelia nn Mia, but I find it lovely either way. It is way popular; at least in the U.S. Mia Francesca would be gorgeous! Mia Francesca Winter is actually really cool too.

    Leora-Ooh, I like this too. A beautiful Hebrew name. It's super simple, yet not at all common. It grows up well. It's feminine w/out being too frilly. I like Leora Cosima.

    Lily-Very pretty. Also rather common. It could also be a nn for Lilia/Lilian/Liliana if you want a more formal option. Lily Francesca or Lily Catharina are perfect to honor family members. Lily Francesca Winter is fantastic.

    Daisy-This is my newest favorite name. It's very kind & has a beautiful imagery. Daisy Catharina Winter is perfect. Daisy Emma Catharina is also quite nice.

    Nia-I adore Mia & Niamh, but don't care for this for some reason. I think that I have a bad personal association w/Nina, & it reminds me of that.

    Franka-This kind of reminds me of Franco, which is a boy name . It's not my style.

    Katie-This is just a little over done & dated. If anything, I'd do it as a nn. Catharina nn Catie would be better. Or if you didn't want to use the exact same name, I love Catriona.

    Eira-I'm not sure that I like this. I really like the name Ira for a boy, so it seems odd.

    Moxie-I know an adorable cat called this, but it doesn't seem great for a human.

    Sama-Hm. This doesn't have that pretty of a sound in my opinion.
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    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    I actually really really like your suggestion Lyra Pippin. It's so pretty! Putting that one on my list right away :-)

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    Heres a tip. Dont give your baby two middle names. It's pointless. If you want a first name with two names I'd suggest Winn Dixie.

    Here are some first and middle combinations I like alot from your list.

    Mia May
    Daisy Francesca
    Moxie Winter
    Franka Wren
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    Your list is so refreshing! I love seeing unique but not too out there names.

    Some combo ideas:
    Franka Catharina (can honour both mother and grandmothe)
    Franka Pippin May
    Lily Catharina
    Lily Cosima
    Leora Winter May
    Moxie Emma Wren

    Other names:
    Olive Margaret / 21.10.18

    Ginny Florence
    Fay Marigold
    Cleo Seraphina

    Dustin James
    Grady Stefan
    Chester Maxwell

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