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    Name suggestion for Panda Surname

    Hello Berries,

    Wanted to get some expert suggestions for our LO having. Please help.

    We started with Aria Panda but then Aria is too common these days so any other suggestions.


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    How about Amanda? (Totally joking please don't name your daughter Amanda Panda)

    On a more serious note if you like Aria, what about Ariel / Arielle / Ariella (I would pronounce it with the same Ar sound as Aria not air).
    I personally love Arielle Panda!

    Other ideas that I think go well with your surname:


    Lorelei / Lorelai




    Vivian / Vivienne

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    Arielle is a good option but then it would be confusing based on Ar vs air as you pointed out.

    Thanks for suggesting though.

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    Rhiannon Panda
    Rosalie Panda
    Amelie Panda
    Adelia Panda
    Sapphira Panda
    Lucia Panda
    Lilia Panda
    Sarai Matilda|Mabli Charlotte|Una Adele|Scout Elodie
    Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty|Percy Evander|Bram Atticus
    Thinking about...
    Tyra Mabel|Skye Miriam|Lois Winter|Anya Ottillie
    Quinn Barnaby|Silas Peregrine|Teddy Linus|Klaus Raphael

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    I think that you just need to avoid word names and names ending in - anda. So, what about:
    Sophia Panda
    Amelia Panda
    Isabel Panda
    Dorothy Panda
    Beatrice Panda
    Gwendolyn Panda
    Theresa Panda
    Veronica Panda
    Louise Panda
    Charlotte Panda
    Elizabeth Panda
    Helen Panda
    Delilah Panda
    Renee Panda
    Cecilia Panda
    Madeline Panda
    Camilla Panda
    Margot Panda
    Ines Panda
    Rachel Panda
    Katherine Panda
    Ingrid Panda
    Sierra Panda
    Brittany Panda
    Lydia Panda
    Naomi Panda
    Jacqueline Panda
    Lillian Panda
    Katrina Panda
    Evangeline Panda
    Cordelia Panda
    Demetria Panda
    Lorelei Panda
    Juliet Panda
    Emily Panda
    Danielle Panda
    Josephine Panda
    Caroline Panda
    Dominica Panda
    Christina Panda
    Natalie Panda
    Olivia Panda
    Guinevere Panda
    Anneliese Panda
    Monica Panda
    Nicole Panda
    Evelina Panda
    Theodora Panda
    Alice Marigold | Agatha Noelle | Aurora Violet | Isabella Wren | Magdalena Ruby | Margot Felicity |
    Rosalie Moon | Serena Jasmine | Victoria Primrose | Valentina Skye

    Alexander Matthias | Benjamin Arthur | Edmund Philip | Frederick Lewis | Gabriel Vincent | Henry Theodore |
    Liam Hawthorne | Lucas Nightingale | Sebastian Thomas | William Bravery

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