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  • Shepherd "Shep"

    27 48.21%
  • River

    10 17.86%
  • Hawthorne

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    Poll : Georgia, Wilder, & _____ ?

    I'd love to hear you vote on our 3rd baby (a boy!) I included our other kiddos names in the title to give you an idea of our tastes. That being said, we are not 100% concerned with matching "styles", as the kids will one day live their own lives and not always be thrown together in a bunch. So we do pick a name we like, without totally isolating the kid from the rest of the siblings....just our 2 cents

    Middles are not necessarily 100% set but we are thinking....

    Shepherd Hayes or Shepherd Townes
    River Hawthorne
    Hawthorne Hayes or Hawthorne Gray
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    I’m loving Shepherd Hayes!
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    I also love Shepherd Hayes!

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    I voted for Shepherd, as it feels distinct enough from Wilder & Georgia but close enough in style to have a sense of cohesiveness
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    Hi there.

    I love River! Even though you're not concerned w/matching styles, I think its's absolutely perfect w/Georgia & Wilder. Kind of remind me of little tykes running & playing tag in a meadow. River Hawthorne is dashing. I find Hawthorne a bit too much for a fn. Shep is just not my style; reminds me of Shemp from The Three Stooges. He's hilarious, but not to be taken seriously!

    Hope this helps.
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    Shepherd Hayes is amazing!!
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    On its own, I prefer Wilder, but as to not repeat endings, I voted Hawthorne.
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    I voted Hawthorne
    I like Hawthorne Gray, next favourite is Shepherd Hayes
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    Too crazy!! When I read the title before I clicked on it my first thought was Hawthorne and now that I see that's one of the options I have to go for it! I prefer the combination Hawthorne Gray.

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