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Thread: Aurora &

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    Aurora &

    Odette has been our front runner but we want to have a back up or two, just in case. What do you think on these to go with our 3 year old’s name? Thanks, Liz.

    FYI: Vioket is a typo in the poll. It’s supposed to be Violet lol.

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    I love Aurora and Odette together but I’m also biased because I’m a dancer and both names come from famous ballets. Violet is my second favorite!
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    I love Aurora and Odette!!
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    Aurora is a magnificent name! I love it! Violet and Aurora create a lovely set, but I also adore Evangeline. I would consider these three names for my own baby.
    I think Cecilia and Aurora go very well together! Both names sound amazing for sisters. Old fashioned and still extremely beautiful for a baby born today.
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    I love both Odette and Violet here. Odette and Aurora seems a little theme-y, but I kind of like that! And Violet has the nature connection to Aurora. Both sibling combos feel balanced.

    All four are lovely options, but those two stand out.
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    Odette is so perfect with Aurora! I also used to be a dancer, so I love the connection there.
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    Out of all of those I only like Oddette and it goes well with Aurora
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    Thanks everyone! I’m honestly surprised that Odette is leading especially with the ballet link between it and Aurora.

    I think we’ll use a combination of at least two of our choices for her name. So far we have these options:

    Odette Cecilia
    Odette Viola
    Odette Rosalie
    Odette Beatrice
    Odette Beatrix

    Evangeline Viola
    Evangeline Violet
    Evangeline Odette

    Cecilia Violet
    Cecilia Odette

    Violet Cecilia
    Violet Evangeline

    My husband said he’d also consider Cecily and Beatrix as first names. The only one we’d avoid using as a first is Rosalie. I think we need to avoid names with strong r sounds in them with Aurora.

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    My name is Aurora so I will not comment on that name, but I would like to say that all of your options are really pretty but Odette is stunning and stands out. They go really well together.

    I am aware of that both of the names are from famous balletts, but it is up to you wether that is something you like or not. I personally think it is cool, it is a bit "theme-y" as mentioned above, but in a subtle way.

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    In my opinion, you just cannot possibly beat Aurora & Odette. It's the perfect pair, so I do hope you ultimately choose Odette. I think both Odette Cecilia & Odette Beatrix are great combos.

    In regard to a runner up though, my vote goes to Aurora & Evangeline.
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