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    Skyler Cecelia or Skyler Evelina

    Just wondering which first/middle name combo you prefer- Skyler Cecelia or Skyler Evelina. Any other middle name suggestions would be greatly appreciated- I like girly names, but not overly frilly i.e. I like Georgia but not Georgiana, etc. Thanks

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    I think Skyler Cecelia flows a bit nicer than Skyler Evelina and it also feels more like a combo to me instead of two separate names. I would personally prefer the spelling Skylar Cecilia over Skyler Cecelia, though.

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    Skylar Cecelia - it feels more mature but still fun
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    I love Cecelia it sounds great in the middle spot of your combo!
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    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    I prefer Skyler Cecelia. (Not what you're asking but I'd like Skye Cecelia more).

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