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    Opinions on initials/sibset

    Hi Berries,

    So I am always building a list of names because my DH and I have very different taste in names. So I am trying to be proactive and have some picked out that we both might like. Also I'm bored and names are a hobby/my form of doodling while I watch TV.

    We have a couple of set names we must use: James for first name of first born son and Marie for middle name of first born daughter. Both are family names. The first born men on my DH's side are James but he and his father go by their middle names because the grand father went by James. Grandpa James passed away many years ago so we could call our son James but I'd rather not as I hate the nn Jim.

    ANYWAY.. because I'm a planner I'm thinking about potential babies 2 and 3 as well 1. I love the name James Montgomery "Monty" for a boy but one of our favorite girl names (one of the few we agree on) is Jemma Marie. I don't worry much about the "J" theme because our boy wouldn't use the J name as often as his middle. However I just realized their initials would both be JMS. Also I would not choose another J name for a third child.

    Long story short: How bad is it to have matching initials? Will one child feel left out if they don't have those initials while their older siblings do? Does anyone have experience with a similar situation?

    Other boy names I like and think husband might go for.. Harrison, Wyatt (too popular in my area/Michigan?)

    If you made it through this long winded post, thanks you!

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    Always working around family name requirements set by DH: James (First born son's first name, will go by middle name), Marie (First born daughter's middle name).


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    Hello! I don't have kids so I can't speak to this from a mother's perspective but my sister had the same initials as my mother and my other sister and I did not share initials with anyone and it didn't scar any of us for life. James Montgomery and Jemma Marie are very sweet. You can also spell it Gemma Marie if you're concerned about it. The other middle names you suggested with James work well too!

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    I don't think the same initials are a big deal but if it really bothers you, you could add a second middle name for variety or spell in Gemma instead.

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    I dpnt find repeating initials a big deal, especially if the children are different genders. My brother's names begin with the same letter, but mine is different and I dont feel left out. However, they are at the stage where we are receiving post addressed to Mr C Surname, and we dont know who it is for. I also have a friend who has the same initials (first and middle) as his dad, and he said post was very annoying. That's not an issue with a boy and a girl.
    James and Jemma are very nice together. I know several James', and none of them go by Jim. Most just go by James, and one goes by J.
    If you are concerned about the matching initials, you could spell it Gemma, as alom said. I think I prefer the G spelling.
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    I agree with those who have said that two kids having the same initials is no big deal. However, Gemma is the more standard spelling, so is there a reason you couldn't just use that?

    I also wanted to note that I've known a few little boys named James, and they all go by James. No one calls them Jimmy or Jim. I think it's much more common now for people to just use James without a nickname. I really like Monty as well, but if you wanted to use James, I think you have a great chance of keeping it nickname-free.

    Harrison and Wyatt both work well with James (or Monty) and Jemma/Gemma.

    If you want to tie the kids' names together, I wonder if you might consider using all M middles. Are the other middles in your signature family names? Or could they be reworked to have M initials?

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