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    Help with boys names #2 and #3

    My pick for a first son is George Evan. I wanted a second and third name ‘just in case’ for potential sons two and three (twins are fairly common in my family!) Originally I liked Max and Charlie but have started to waiver as I feel like they’re not ‘serious’ enough.

    Which two would you pick from:
    James William (but I don’t like that George and James have the first common initial sound)
    William James (reluctant because I really dislike all the nicknames for William)
    August Henry (too ‘out there’ for the UK?)
    Rhys Callum (not sure I love this)
    Sam Maxwell

    Could George, Sam and James work as a potential sib set?

    Suggestions gratefully received!

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    I love August Henry! Not too out there at all!! Henry August would be nice too!

    I love Sam Maxwell too and Rhys Callum!

    George, Sam and James could also work!!

    George Evan and..

    Miles Alexander
    Owen James
    Leo Maxwell
    Oscar James
    Lucas Henry
    Jack Owen
    Isaac Rhys
    Sarai Matilda|Mabli Charlotte|Una Adele|Cherith Eliza
    Sloane Felicity|Flora Penelope|Juno Delilah|Lois Aurelia
    Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty|Percy Evander|Bram Atticus
    Otto Elias|Linus Theodore|Jude Amadeus|Jesse Peregrine

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    I also love August Henry, definitely not too out there! I also love Max although it seems like you’ve eliminated that as an option.

    George, Sam and James work very well together but to me George, August and either William or James is a little more interesting and unexpected (my favourite possible combo though would be George, August and Max).

    Some others I think might suit are Oscar, Angus, Flynn, Rory, Jasper, Sebastian, Felix, Hudson, Milo, Xavier, Theodore, Alistair, Jack, Caspar, Otto, Finnegan, Dashiell, Gabriel, Lucian, and Oliver.

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    I actually like Max a lot and I think it can work on its own! Maxwell is a sweet full name.

    I think George, Sam, and James works as a sibset but to me it seems like Sam needs a longer, more formal name. Samuel, Samson or Samwell maybe? It also bothers me a little bit that James and Sam share very similar beginning letters.

    James and William are very nice names but they aren't as fresh sounding to me as George is.

    I adore August Henry! Totally not too out there. I also like Rhys but I'm not loving the combo. Do you like Callum Rhys better? I think it flows better and George, August and Callum would be an awesome sibset.

    Others you might like: Arthur, Calvin, Arlo, Jasper, Walter, Theodore/Theo, Frederick, Ewan, Lachlan, Dashiell.

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    I vote for George Evan, August James, and Callum Rhys! Love all of these names!

    August isn't too out-there for the UK at all... nothing's really too out-there these days, haha!
    Jess, 26, England

    See my name lists here

    Luna Bliss

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