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    Hi mama's! Joining the thread! I'm 18 weeks and due June 4! We are super excited. This will be our second child. We find out the gender in two weeks! With my first I knew he was a boy and this time I'm stumped. Sometimes I think it's a boy and other times it feels like a girl. Anyone else having a hard time coming up with names?? All my favorites feel meh now that I'm actually pregnant.
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    Congratulations, @girlywhirly and @sofiasweden! Thank you, @coccinella, I was hesitant on deciding on the name before birth but I don't have any back ups so it's Reuben or nothing lol!

    This thread is a little quiet, how is everyone? I'm 29 weeks on Saturday and feel like the whole pregnancy malarkey is going so quickly. I have everything ready, minus a few postpartum things for me and I could do with maybe a pack more of 0-3 sleepsuits but other than that, I'm ready. I'm gonna build up the travel system tomorrow after my glucose test which I am dreading. I have to fast from now (10pm) and my appt is at 8:30am so it could be worse, but if I go a long period without eating, whatever I finally eat will come back up. Without fail. So I'm not looking forward to that lol.


    baby boy coming 11/04/20

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