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    When Did You Want Kids?

    What age did you/ do you want to have kids? And what age did you end up having them? I always wanted my first between 20-23 and would be told by others to wait until I’m in my late twenties - early thirties.

    And do you think you were ready to have a baby when you did?

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    I was "one of those" who always wanted to be a mom when I grew up lol. Women in my family always had their first kid relatively young (18-20ish), so I figured it would happen for me around then, too. Things don't always go according to plan, though. I'm 26 right now and will turn 27 a few months after my son is born.

    I don't know if anyone ever feels or is completely ready, honestly. I don't know if we are in some ways (for instance, financially) but I can say that I feel more ready emotionally than I did when we first starting trying at 22.

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    I was also “one of those” (lol, too funny to pass up!), but I wanted kids when I was in my late twenties-early thirties. Instead, life happened and now I will have juuust turned 20 when baby is born.

    No, I absolutely do not feel ready. There’s a lot going on right now that I was not expecting to ever have to deal with (for example: single parenthood and the emotions and issues that come with that, really going that to have to save and live pay check to pay check, being as young as I am in general and the emotions and issues that come with that lol). I know it’ll all end up being fine, but dealing with these things in the moment is rough. Names are a nice little (now) practical, but fun escape from all that right now
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    You are going to do great! I was in a similar situation financially but like you said, everything ended up fine in the end.

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    Congratulations on your son!

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    I knew I want kids since I was 8. If I got my wishes then I'd start having them as early as 22-23, but alas, life happened differently. Now I am 27 and it seems like I still need to wait until I am in my 30s.

    To be fair though, although I wanted it at 22-23 I wasn't ready financially, I didn't live in an environment where I want to raise my child in, and I didn't have a stable relationship yet. So I guess the wait was necessary. I just can't help but feeling sad about it.
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    Realistically, I wanted kids around 26-32, when I had a steady job, a steady boyfriend/husband, a house and a car. But I'm 22, single and living at home and now pregnant soooo... guess it didn't go to plan, lol! I'm not ready but who ever is?


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    I was not at all interested in having kids - never babysat, never dreamed about becoming a mother - until I moved into room in a house owned by a young single mom and her then-four-year-old son. I was 20 and she was maybe twenty-five? Living with them taught me so much about parental love, and the realities of raising a small kid, and that brief period in my life is what awakened me to the possibility of parenthood for myself. I was actually in the early phases of planning to become a single mother by choice when I met my current partner, and I had our son when I was 27. Looking back, we were not "ready" to start having kids but we did, and our three-year-old is so lovely and funny and cool.
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    Sometimes I don’t want kids at all, sometimes I dream about having three little boys. If I were to have kids, I would want to start trying after I finish university - late 20s!

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    We (I) have some fertility issues/concerns and my partner and I had discussed adopting in our early thirties. I'm pregnant now with our first - I'll be 30 when she's here and hubby will be 31.

    I had a checklist running of things I "needed" before having a baby - own my house, long term partner, $X savings, good job, etc etc - but found that each time something was checked off, I added something new to replace it. Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy that I waited as long as I did, it feels right now, but it means I definitely agree with the sentiment of never feeling ready!!
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