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    Help, confused on names.

    Not sure if im doing this right but hello

    My name is Elle, I am expecting my first child early next year and felt like i had been planning names my whole life but now i can't seem to focus on any.

    I just thought I would post on here and see if any of you lovely ladies could inspire me, open to everything at the mo.

    We have decided to keep the gender a surprise so looking at both girl and boy names ..

    A few I think i like are.


    Renée, Dana, Darcy, Laurie, Brookyln, Halle, Ava, Chloé, Swan, Taylor, Bowie, ... All to be with one out of these three middle names ( Chloé, or Maria or Robyn)


    Byron, Bodhi, Beau, Jesse, Jack, Scott, Taylor, Lachlan/Lachie ... All to be with one out of these two middle names ( Scott or Mark )

    I would love absolutely any advice for suggestions

    Thank You in advance xxxxx

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    Of your options, i really like:

    Halle Robyn, Darcy Maria and Renée Chloé

    I'll suggest:

    Callie Maria, Anya Chloé, Lillian Maria, Wren Chloé, Lila Robyn, Jovie Maria, Evelyn Chloé, Sienna Chloé, Mina Robyn, Elodie Robyn

    For boys, i like:

    Jesse Mark, Bodhi Scott and Bryon Scott

    Some suggestions:
    Jackson Mark, Ezra Scott, Shiloh Mark, Fletcher Mark, Asa Mark, Leon Scott, Bennett Mark, Jude Scott, Leland Mark
    Sarai Matilda|Mabli Charlotte|Una Adele|Scout Elodie
    Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty|Percy Evander|Bram Atticus
    Thinking about...
    Tyra Mabel|Skye Miriam|Lois Winter|Anya Ottillie
    Quinn Barnaby|Silas Peregrine|Teddy Linus|Klaus Raphael

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    Emma Louise - future zookeeper, current namenerd

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