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    Smile Robbie

    I've been considering Robbie as an honour name to Robert/Bob for quite a while (prefer it to Bobby and we also have another family member with that name) and it also gives me sophisticated vibes a la Margot Robbie. Potential nn Ro.

    My question is: Is Robbie too close to Ruby? My niece is named Ruby (13) who we see often and I worry about them getting confused.

    I also like Bo as an alternative but DH is not 100%. I'm not really into Robin for a girl, unfortunately!

    Thanks, x
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    I don't think that Robbie is too close to Ruby, especially if you go with Ro as a nickname.

    You could also use Roberta and get either Robbie or Birdie (from your signature).
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    Robbie and Ruby are very close but i dont think it's unusably so. However, i do much prefer Bo
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    I think Robbie and Ruby would be too close for siblings, but they're absolutely fine for cousins!
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    Agreed, they're way too close for siblings, but not for cousins. Especially if you intend to have a nn, like Ro, as that could be used when you're around the cousins, so there's no confusion as to who you're calling for! Although I also like the pp's suggestion of Roberta too, who could be nicknamed Robbie, Ro, Bobbi and/or Birdie!
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    Robbie and Ruby totally work for cousins! Robbie is adorable and a great way to honor Robert.

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    I do think Robbie is a cute nn, fn, or mn. I like the idea of a more elegant first with Robbie in the mn spot or Ro as a nn. Roberta is not my fave, but what about Robitha/Robetha, Robina, Rolande, or Rowena as first names?

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    I think it's a little too close to Ruby as a first name, but it would be an unexpected middle!

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    I don't think Robbie and Ruby are too close for cousins. I'm not sure how I feel about Robbie for a girl, but then again it's outside my personal style. I think Ro and Bo are cute though. I like the above suggestions of Roberta as a full name.

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    Robbie is very close to Ruby, but I wouldnt say that makes it unusable. With a big age difference, the kids will probably know who is being spoken to. Definitely not an issue if one of the girls has a nickname they can use more around family. Ro is a nice nickname, or you could use Bee. That makes it very clear which one is spoken to/about at family events.
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