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  • Minna Lousie

    23 24.47%
  • Julia Elizabeth

    32 34.04%
  • Heidi Ann

    15 15.96%
  • Ava Louise

    24 25.53%
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    She's Almost Here--Name Poll Help!

    Name poll! Our last name, "Ghee" is a hard one to pair with a lot of names. Which do you like best?

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    Hi there.

    I voted for Minna Louise. Such a sweet, spunky yet feminine, charmingly vintage combo. I'm not really sure how to even say it though; 'Min-uh' or 'Mee-nuh'. I like both, but the latter a little bit more. However, w/ 'Min-uh', you can do the nn of Minnie more easily. And that's adorable.

    Ava Louise is my second choice. It's lovely, but Ava is just super over done.

    Julia Elizabeth is a pretty combination, & it sounds the best w/your ln. It's just not as fun & unexpected as Minna.

    Heidi is just not my style; sounds a bit ditzy.

    Hope this helps.
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    Ava Louise is gorgeous.

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    I voted for Heidi Ann. I love all of your choices (Julia Elizabeth is a close second!), but Heidi just beats all of them out. It's short, sweet, cute, and perfect imo.

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    Wow that was a difficult decision -- each name is beautiful. I was so excited to see Heidi as an option but the best one with your last name (imo) is Julia, so that got my vote. You can't go wrong with any name you choose!

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    Even though Heidi is my favorite on your list, I based my vote solely on which first name sound best with your last name and that is Julia.

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    My favorite is Minna Louise. Minna is so pretty and underused.

    My second favorite is Julia Elizabeth. Julia Elizabeth Ghee has the best flow.

    I really like Heidi, but I wouldn't use Heidi Ann because her initials would be "HAG." Heidi Elizabeth or Heidi Louise/Louisa would be better. Heidi Louisa Ghee is quite pretty, actually.

    Ava is lovely, but it's really common. If it were the only name you loved, I'd say go for it, but you have some more exciting things on your list.

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    Heidi Ann is lovely!!! Minna Louise would be my second choice!
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    ❤️Julia Elizabeth (or even Juliet Elizabeth)
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    I voted for Heidi Ann, but it was a close call between Heidi and Julia for me. I actually think Heidi Elizabeth is stunning with your surname.
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