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    Opinions on my list of top girls names!

    1. Orla Matilda
    2. Hannah Olivia
    3. Emmie Louise
    4. Lola Blake
    5. Penelope Autumn
    6. Isla Jade
    7. Isabella Rose
    8. Mila Ivy

    Any feedback is appreciated! Don't be afraid to be harsh!
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    Hello! My favorite combos are Emmie Louise, Isla Jade, and Isabella Rose.

    I'll admit I'm not too familiar with the name Orla and I can't tell if I like it.... I mean I definitely think it's cute but I don't know if I like the same ending sound in both names in the combination Orla Matilda. For such a unique name I think it might sound better paired with a different middle that has a different ending sound. Possibly Orla Jane? Orla Penelope?

    Hannah Olivia doesn't do it for me for the same reason even though I really like each name separately. Maybe Hannah Rose?

    Lola Blake is pretty cool too. I like the feminine Lola paired with the unisex Blake. Penelope Autumn and Mila Ivy are nice too! I have no complaints about them, they just weren't my favorites.

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    I love Emmie Louise
    This is hard because I'm not into names end in "la" but I am very fond of Orla! I agree with pp Orla Jane would be perfect

    Penelope Autumn I like. I would like to see Autumn, Jade and Ivy as first names

    Hannah Jade would have better flow and balance
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    Names on my mind:
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    I love Orla, Lola, Penelope & Mila! Isabella is really nice, just very common. I personally feel Hannah is bland...

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    You said to be honest, but sorry if I got too harsh
    1. Orla Matilda - Love this! Orla is so sweet and it pairs well with classic Matilda
    2. Hannah Olivia - Not a fan of this one, it feels too "safe" to me. I know so many Hannahs and so many Olivias
    3. Emmie Louise - Adorable! My second favorite
    4. Lola Blake - Fun and spunky. I'd prefer a longer middle name but Blake works. My third favorite
    5. Penelope Autumn - Cute, though I usually prefer just Penny over Penelope. Really like Autumn here
    6. Isla Jade - Isla is a name I've never liked. Popularity aside, it doesnt have any nicknames and sounds kind of generic and
    dated to this era among the Laylas and Aylas
    7. Isabella Rose - My least favorite. I just personally find it boring. I like Rose as a first name but as a middle name its very forgettable, and Isabella overused
    8. Mila Ivy - I prefer Mira and Millie to Mila, but this isnt a bad combo
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    I really love Penelope Autumn. Actually I think I prefer a few of your middle names as first names, I'd pair:
    Matilda Ivy
    Autumn Olivia
    Rose Isabella

    I'm not a big fan of nickname names, so Emmie and Lola don't work for me however I do really like Emmie as a nn but would probably pick the longer Emmeline or Emilia or Emerald (totally my gp) as a fn.

    I really don't want to put you off Orla but I read the following about it once and can't unsee it now and always think it best you have all comments on a name before you use it than after! Orla is so nearly Oral it's all I can see. If that doesn't bother you then brilliant and I do think the sound of the name is beautiful and it does pair lovely with Matilda!

    Hannah Olivia has a lovely flow
    Isabella Rose is pretty
    Mila Ivy feels fresh and green and would be my second choice after Penelope Autumn from your list.
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    My faves are Penelope Autumn and Isabella Rose.

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    I love
    Emmie Louise
    Penelope Autumn
    Isabella Rose ..... my favorite

    I like
    Lola Blake
    Mila Ivy

    I dislike
    Orla Matilda (I don't like the same ending sounds )
    Hannah Olivia (see above)
    Isla Jade

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