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Thread: Top 15- boys

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    Top 15- boys

    I think I have officially come up with my top 15 boy names. Yay! Thoughts? Would some of them get a child made fun of?

    Here they are (in no specific order):
    Wolfgang Morgan
    Roosevelt Chase
    Lukas Lesedi
    Everest Haiku
    Finnick Ocean
    Calvin Ulysses
    Timothy James
    Wilson Giuseppe
    Remus Angelo
    Magnus Delfino
    Sebastian Reef
    Moses Jacoby
    Kelton Gabriel
    Travis Castiel
    Dawson Clarke

    Also made one for girls!
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    Wolfgang Morgan - Wolfgang isnt my fave, but i think with the growing popularity of Wolf/Fox etc as names, it could work. I enjoy the balance Morgan brigs to it too

    Roosevelt Chase -Roosevelt is a big name but i quite like it - especially with the relaxed Chase! They mesh well.

    Lukas Lesedi -how is Lesedi pronounced? Lukas is nice and i do like the alliteration in the name!

    Everest Haiku - i love this! Haiku is honestly such a cool middle and Everest is brilliant

    Finnick Ocean - I like both names a lot and the imagery of these together is great!!

    Calvin Ulysses -i like the adventurous, bold feeling of Ulysses and the more grounded and trendy feel of Calvin

    Timothy James - im not a fan of Timothy, but for personal reasons - more objectively, it's a nice name, one everyone knows but you dont see it very often. James works

    Wilson Guiseppe - I'd never have considered these together but they sound great!

    Remus Angelo -wow!! I love this! Remus is lovely, wise, bold and gentle feeling and Angelo is great with it!

    Magnus Delfino -brilliant! Magnus is so rugged and cool and Delfino brings a nice gentleness

    Sebastian Reef - brilliant! This feels like the perfect brother for Finnick Ocean

    Moses Jacoby - feels very Biblical but in a good way! I like the flow

    Kelton Gabriel -Kelton is really interesting. I've never heard of it but i like it - Gabriel fits!

    Travis Castiel -Travis is nms but it's not bad. I like Castiel and they flow well together! Castiel brings something unexpected to Travis

    Dawson *Clarke - this feels fresh and modern, and i love Clarke!

    My favourites are Everest Haiku, Magnus Delfino, Remus Angelo and Sebastian Reef!!
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    Wolfgang Morgan - Pretty! I love the nickname Wolf!

    Roosevelt Chase - Not a fan of Roosevelt. How about Roland Chase, Roderick Chase, Remington Chase, Roman Chase?

    Lukas Lesedi - Not a fan. What a about Luka/Luca? Luka Leonardo, Luka Leland, Luka Lennon, Luka Leander?

    Everest Haiku - Not loving haiku. How about Everest Hugo or Everest Hale?

    Finnick Ocean - I like it!

    Calvin Ulysses - Calvin sounds outdated to me. What about Calder Ulysses, Casper Ulysses, Charon Ulysses (kai-ron), Cian Ulysses, Corin Ulysses?

    Timothy James - too common for my taste, what about Timothée James?

    Wilson Giuseppe - seems mismatched to me

    Remus Angelo - I like it!!

    Magnus Delfino - nice!

    Sebastian Reef - reef isany my favorite. How about Sebastian Cove?

    Moses Jacoby - love it!

    Kelton Gabriel - not a fan of kelton. How about Kieran Gabriel, Killian Gabriel, Kellen Gabriel?

    Travis Castiel - Travis seems outdated to me, but it’s a nice combo. Some other options Tobias Castiel, Tate Castiel, Theo Castiel/ Theodore Castiel?

    Dawson Clarke - nice combo

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    I really like Everest Haiku and Wolfgang Morgan

    Timothy James seems like an outlier. Maybe put James with a more unique first. I love Wolfgang James!

    Remus Angelo has great flow!
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    I looove Wilson Giuseppe, Calvin Ulysses, Finnick Ocean, Everest Haiku and Wolfgang Morgan! Least favorite are Moses Jacoby and Lukas Lesedi
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    My favourite from your list is Timothy James. Although I'm really not a fan of 'Tim' as a nickname.

    How about:

    Sebastian Wolf
    Wolfgang Everest
    Everest James
    Timothy Ocean
    Jess, 26, England

    See my name lists here

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