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Thread: Top 15- girls

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    Top 15- girls

    Okay, I think I’ve officially come up with my 15 favorite girl names. Yay! Thoughts? Are they something a kid would be made fun of with?

    Here they are (not in any specific order):
    Leona Juniper
    Theodora Finch
    Tesla Rosabel
    Clara Maxine
    Kaia Penny
    Ottilie Marin
    Alexis Odette
    Marcia Ripley
    Castalia Poe
    Aris Ophelia
    Jillian Justice
    Bohemia Sonnet
    Celia Primrose
    Miriam Dallas
    Edith Benjamina

    Also made one for boys!
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    Some lovely names here, I like these ones the most:

    Theodora Finch
    Ottilie Marin
    Celia Primrose (this is wonderful!)
    Edith Benjamina (not really a fan of Benjamina but I like it with Edith)

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    Leona Juniper -i do enjoy it and Leona is strong and cool whereas Juniper is light and sweet

    Theodora Finch-love the alliteration and literary vibed this has!

    Tesla Rosabel - Rosabel is lovely and while i dont love the associations of Tesla it has a nice sound

    Clara Maxine -i love this!! So sweet, fresh feeling and lovely

    Kaia Penny -love the modern Kaia and the sweet vintage vibe of Penny

    Ottilie Marin - love it!! Ottilie is beautiful and Marin really completes it

    Alexis Odette -Odette is lovely and I'd never have considered it with Alexis but it feels fashionable and cool

    Marcia Ripley -unexpected and lovely!!

    Castalia Poe - it feels magical and cool! I like it!!

    Aris Ophelia - Aris is sweet and interesting and i love the mystical vibes it has with Ophelia

    Jillian Justice is nice! I like the alliteration

    Bohemia*Sonnet - this feels so hipster but in a good way, i like it

    Celia*Primrose -delicate, gentle and pretty!

    Miriam Dallas - another unexpected combo! I love Miriam and Dallas flows well

    Edith Benjamina -Benjamina isnt for me but I love Edith!

    Celia Primrose, Clara Maxine, Aris Ophelia and Ottilie Marin are my faves!!
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    Leona Juniper - SO gorgeous!! Definitely my favorite from your list!

    Theodora Finch - Pretty! It sounds like strong female lead in a book lol!

    Tesla Rosabel - not my favorite, this one has a lot of teasing potential

    Clara Maxine - Pretty, I like the spunk that Maxine brings to Clara

    Kaia Penny - Penny is too nicknamey for my taste, I think Kaia Penelope would be gorgeous!

    Ottilie Marin - Pretty!

    Alexis Odette - I think the styles clash with Alexis and Odette. What about Aria Odette, Ariadne Odette, Alexandra Odette, Alessandra Odette, Adalia Odette, Adria Odette, Audra Odette, Allegra Odette, Arabella Odette, Aurora Odette?

    Marcia Ripley - not my favorite

    Castalia Poe - Beautiful!

    Aris Ophelia - SO beautiful!!

    Jillian Justice - Jillian seems outdated to me

    Bohemia Sonnet - I think this name would get made fun of

    Celia Primrose - Pretty!

    Miriam Dallas - Not a fan of Dallas with Miriam, looks mismatched. How about Miriam Darcy, Miriam Dahlia, Miriam Odette, Miriam Elise, Miriam Orla, Miriam Viola, Miriam Iris, Miriam Willa?

    Edith Benjamina - a little too grandma-y for my taste, but it has a nice flow and they go well together

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    Here are my brief thoughts on each.

    Leona Juniper - I LOVE THIS! It's my favorite on your list, by far.

    Theodora Finch - Very well balanced and intriguing.

    Tesla Rosabel - Don't like this one. Tesla is a loaded name that makes me think of cars and electricity.

    Clara Maxine - Pretty.

    Kaia Penny - LOVE Kaia. I think she could be paired with a name with a little more oomph, though. Maybe Kaia Penelope?

    Ottilie Marin - I read an article once about a woman who named her daughter Ottilie and deeply regretted it because people never understood her when she told them the name. That association stuck with me, unfortunately.

    Alexis Odette - I've grown tired of Alexis after knowing so many of them growing up. Love Odette as a middle, though.

    Marcia Ripley - Interesting. Marcia is always complicated to me because I'm never sure if it's pronounced "mar-sha" or "mar-see-uh." Not wild about Ripley as a middle, unless it has personal significance.

    Castalia Poe - Very intriguing name! I've never heard of Castalia, but I like it a lot. Poe adds a nice balance to the combo.

    Aris Ophelia - I like this a lot. I've more commonly seen the first name spalled as "Eris," but this works too. Ophelia pairs very well as a middle!

    Jillian Justice - The alliteration really works here. Justice is an intense middle name to carry, but I think it pairs well with Jillian. This sounds like a superhero name.

    Bohemia Sonnet - This combo may be a bit too wordy for me. I like the idea of it, though.

    Celia Primrose - I think I've seen this one before in someone else's signature. These are two names beloved by many Nameberry users, although not really my favorites personally. This sounds wonderful aloud, though.

    Miriam Dallas - I deeply dislike Dallas as a middle name. Miriam is fine, no strong feelings either way.

    Edith Benjamina - Not my style. Can't imagine this name on a baby.

    ***Overall, I adore Leona Juniper!!! My other favorites are Theodora Finch, Kaia Penny, Castalia Poe, Jillian Justice, and Aris Ophelia (though I think I prefer the Eris spelling).
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    I like them all! With great difficulty I chose my top3

    Leona Juniper
    Clara Maxine
    Celia Primrose

    And I don't think people would make fun of these names, except maybe Castalia? The first thing that came to mind was "castration" but maybe that's just me. Hopefully!
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    I really like the following combinations:
    Leona Juniper
    Theodora Finch
    Clara Maxine
    Celia Primrose
    Miriam Dallas

    Individually, I adore: Rosabel, Marin, Alexis, Justice, Bohemia and Sonnet
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