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Thread: Eowyn vs Arwen

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    Eowyn vs Arwen

    Which one do you prefer and why? (I might add i mean the names, not the characters, haha)
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    I prefer Arwen -- it's beautiful, soft and fairy-like. I think the pronunciation is more intuitive and I like the sounds. Eowyn sounds awkward when I say it out loud, I do love the meaning of Eowyn though.
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    I really like both but i might go with Arwen for it's rugged but wasy to pronounce sounds
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    I prefer Arwen. I don’t know why, I just think it’s a bit prettier than Eowyn that I also really like.
    Someone has already mentioned that it’s easier to pronounce which is a good point.

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    I think I would chose Arwen over Eowyn mainly because most people would be able to pronounce it, but Eowyn could be a bit tricky on paper. But looking at the meanings I actually prefer Eowyn which means "horse joy" while Arwen means "fair" or "fine". But both have nice meanings. Perhaps Eowyn would fit a middle name spot very nicely.

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    Hi there.

    This is tough. I think that both are lovely. I slightly prefer Eowyn, because I love Ari so much for a boy, & therefore don't prefer that natural nn for a girl. I do love Winnie though! That being said, Arwen is way easier to say & spell. And they're both beautiful & unique. Sooo, in conclusion: I slightly prefer Eowyn, but would advise that you personally use Arwen.

    Hope this helps.
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    I prefer Arwen as it sounds softer and more natural to say than Eowyn.
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    If you are talking only the names as if they were never LoTR names, then I would say Arwen. It has a generally prettier sound and as others have mentioned, is easier to spell/pronounce correctly.

    That being said, since LoTR does exist with these names, and I find it hard to give an opinion without that consideration, I would much prefer to name a child Eowyn, because I would prefer her as the role model to my daughter, and the name is more unusual than Arwen.

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