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    Hi peeps, thoughts on the name Indie Florence Dixon?

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    I like it! The sounds in each name are different enough from each other that even though it's a 2-2-2 syllable pattern it feels very interesting and dynamic! I've never heard of Indie and Florence paired together, and different styles complement each other nicely. Plus you can call her Indie Flo, which I think is cute !

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    Interestingly, I noticed the same aspects that the above poster does, but for me they make me not favor the combo so much.

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    I had Indie Florence on my list for a while, so i think it's lovely! Just the right balance between classic and sleek and modern and lively! Indie Florence is great!!
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    I think it flows really nicely! My only comment would be that I personally would go for India nn Indie, as it seems a bit more complete - but I'm just a bit uptight about nicknames as first names The names all complement each other and are pretty.

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