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    Which 2 do you like best from my top 4?

    Hi there,

    I posted a while back, dreaming about what I would name a third if I had one last baby and it was a girl. I got great feedback and revised my list a bit, and am trying to gather some more opinions to narrow it down further. Which are your favorite two of these names?

    Last name is similar to McKeely and older siblings are Rose and Fox. Middle name would likely be Claire or Alice (family names.)


    I really like all of these names a lot and I like how (apart from Lyra, which some people might not know is a constellation) they're straightforward nature names like Rose and Fox but are different enough (not a flower, not an animal) that hopefully it doesn't feel like too much together.

    Another thing I'm trying to consider is how the names sound with each of my children's names, so if I post a picture of Rose and Juniper, for example, I think that's cute, if I post one of Fox and Ivy, I think that sounds adorable, but Rose and Ivy...I fear might be too similar or matchy matchy, nature name wise. (But I don't even know if that makes sense? Haha.)

    (Also, new suggestions are always welcome!)

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    Let me start by saying that I really love all four of the names you've picked out, and none of them would be BAD with Rose and Fox.

    If we're narrowing down to two options, for me the clear winners are Juniper and Lyra. I actually maybe prefer Ivy and Clementine on their own, but not in your sibset. I think Ivy is a bit too matchy. Rose and Ivy are both very obvious botanticals, and I don't love how short and choppy all three names are together.

    Clementine has the opposite problem. I just think she's too long, and a bit of a different vibe than Rose and Fox. I do like that all three would have a reddy-orange nature name, though! Does that make me crazy?

    Overall, I just think Juniper and Lyra do a wonderful job of fitting into your set without sounding try-hard. But you really can't go wrong!

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    I think they all work well with Rose and Fox. My personal favorites are Juniper and Clementine. I also think Claire and Alice would make great first names to go with Rose and Fox. Alice Clementine and Claire Juniper would be beautiful.

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    Hi there.

    Rose & Fox are so sleek, I think that Lyra is my favorite w/them. It's a little more out there, but that's not a problem. It's refreshing, & more of an understated nature name. Ivy is cute, but getting common. Juniper is kind of cool, but a little too much w/Rose & Fox in my opinion. I love love Clementine, & I think that it fits really well actually. Classic & vintage like Rose, yet w/a little spunk like Fox.

    Sooo, in conclusion I like Lyra & Clementine best. Hope this helps.
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    You have great choices but my favorite is Lyra. Stylistically I think it's the best match and a beautiful name. My second favorite is Ivy... I understand the botanical theme is a bit much but I think it's the better match with Rose and Fox over the other two names.

    Since you said you're open to other suggestions:

    Carina (a constellation and nebula)

    Estelle (means star)

    Larissa (one of Neptune's moons)

    Luna (means moon)

    Maia (a star in the constellation of Taurus, in the Pleiades in Orion's belt)

    Stella (means star)

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    I think Clementine is your winner. My second favourite is Juniper.

    Rose, Fox &


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    I think Juniper (nn June) goes best with Rose and Fox. My second favorite would be Clementine. I agree that Ivy might be a bit too matchy but all names do go with the other two names!
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    I absolutely love all four names so it’s tough decision but with Rose and Fox i’d probably say Lyra fits best both in terms of look and feel. In saying that, I personally think Ivy would still work, as would Juniper and Clementine (although I do know what the other poster means about the length of Clementine next to Rose and Fox but if it was my favourite that wouldn’t stop me). Anyway, all great choices!

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    My strong favorite is Lyra. I think it coordinates beautifully without being too matchy. I also love Ivy but I prefer Lyra with the sibling names
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    My favorites are Ivy and Juniper.

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