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    Opinions on my list of girls names!

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    Great list!!

    Orla Willow - Love this! Orla is beautiful and Willow compliments it well

    Hannah Olivia - nice enough, but together, they're a little over done. Anna Olivia, Hannah Lavinia, Hannah Amalia, Liv Hannah?

    Emmie Louise - I prefer the Emmy spelling but otherwise this is lovely - sweet and vintage with the possibility of cute nn Emmylou

    Lola Blake - love the balance between soft, cute yet funky Lola and the harsher sounds of Blake!

    Isla Rose - Isla Rose makes a pretty and solid combo

    Penelope Cruz - love the elegant yet bouncy feel of Penelope! Cruz is interesting here - I like the flow. Penelope Rue, Penelope Roscoe or Penelope Sage would be nice too

    Piper Louise - lively and sweet!

    Isabella Tomasina - Tomasina is unexpected but the flow feels a bit too sing songy - though I know lots of people like that. Isabelle Tomasina or Isabella Tamsin would be nice too

    Delilah Jade - Delilah is so melodic and pretty - Jade fits well

    Rosie Belle - cute but versatile
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    Thank you!

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    Orla Willow - Beautiful! Unique but not over the top
    Hannah Olivia - too common for my taste, but there’s nothing wrong with it
    Emmie Louise - Emmie is a little nicknamey for me, but cute nonetheless
    Lola Blake - Such a cool combo, I love the punch that Blake brings
    Isla Rose - Very soft and romantic
    Penelope Cruz - Not crazy about the connection to the actress. How about Penelope Cora, Penelope Orla, Penelope Iris, Penelope Luna, Penelope Juno?
    Piper Louise - nice, but not my favorite
    Isabella Tomasina - the two a’s at the end are a little clunky, I prefer Isabel Tomasina
    Delilah Jade - very pretty
    Rosie Belle - like Emmie, Rosie is too nicknamey for me. How about RosalieRosieBelle, RosalindRosieBelle, RosemaryRosieBelle

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    1. Orla Willow - I dont mind Orla, and Willow is nice. They sound good together. There's quite a few 'o' sounds, but I quite like it, and 'o's are quite popular now
    2. Hannah Olivia - both of these names are quite popular where I live, so it doesn't strike me as a lively combination. The flow is nice though
    3. Emmie Louise - this is cute, but Emmie feels too much like a nickname to me. I'd prefer something like Emmeline Louise or Emelia Louise, nickname Emmie
    4. Lola Blake - I like this. Lola is soft but wearable, and Blake really lifts up the combination
    5. Isla Rose - Isla is not really my taste, but it is a lovely combination. Has a gentle, romatic feel
    6. Penelope Cruz - sounded familiar, and a quick google says theres an actress with this name. Not sure if that was intentional or not. The sounds are nice together, but it feels a bit too complete. Cruz feels very much like the surname, especially on a girl.
    7. Piper Louise - Piper is lovely and lively, and I like it with the softness of Louise.
    8. Isabella Tomasina - I'm not a fan of the two 'a's in each name - four in the combination! It also seems a bit out of place with your other combinations, as it is so much longer
    9. Delilah Jade - Delilah is lovely, Jade seems a bit bland though to me.
    10. Rosie Belle - Rosie is another that is just too nicknamey for my tastes. I would prefer either Rose with a longer middle, such as Rose Olivia, or a longer first, such as Rosalie or Rosalyn, with the nickname Rosie.
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    1. Orla Willow-I'm not sure why I don't love Orla. It's perfectly nice, just not my style. This is a pretty combination, & I appreciate that it's fairly simple yet not at all common.

    2. Hannah Olivia-Hannah is sweet & homey sounding. It's a little over done, yet it's old fashioned enough that it doesn't seem trendy. I feel the same way about the name Olivia, but would personally do a more unique mn w/Hannah. Maybe Hannah Louise? That's adorable.

    3. Emmie Louise-Emmie is not my style; it just sounds bratty to me, but I can't figure out why. In any case, I would absolutely prefer it as a nn. Emmeline Louise? Emma Louise? Emilia Louise? Those are all really nice.

    4. Lola Blake-Lola is nice. I like this better as a nn as well, since it's sort of childish sounding. Lorelei, Louisa or Eloisa come to mind. Blake is a boy name, in my opinion. And not a great one. How about Lola Belle?

    5. Isla Rose-This is pretty. Isla is very quickly climbing the popularity charts. It's sort of lost its sparkle because of that, but it's a fine name.

    6. Penelope Cruz-Wait, isn't there an actress named this? I love Penelope, & all of the fun nn options (Penny, Polly, Poppy, Nellie ((my fave!!!))), but would for sure do a different mn. Cruz sounds masculine anyway. How about Penelope Louise or Penelope Willow?

    7. Piper Louise-Meh, I just can't get into Piper. It just sounds like pipe...or Peter Piper.

    8. Isabella Tomasina -Isabella is very pretty & elegant. Super over done, but a great name non the less. I like the nns of Izzy, Bella or Ibbi. Tomasina is kind of neat in the mn spot.

    9. Delilah Jade-I like just Lila alright, but for some reason Delilah sounds snobby to me.

    10. Rosie Belle-Super cute, but better as a nn for a more formal name in my opinion. Rosalie Belle is amazing. Or Rose, Rosamund, Rosalind or Primrose.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your insight!

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    Thank you! Yeah didn't realise there was an actress with the name so definitely considering other options.

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    Lola Blake and Rosie Belle are wonderful! I really love them.

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    Thank you! I think they're adorable.

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