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    Updated Top Girls' List!

    I posted a top 15 list a couple of months ago and thought I'd share my updated thoughts and opinions with you all in hopes of receiving different viewpoints on each one.

    Here are the new top few contenders in no particular order;

    - Astoria (My number one choice no matter what)
    - Elowen
    - Juliet / Juliette (I've recently been having mixed feelings about which spelling I like best)
    - Avalon
    - Acadia
    - Eleonora
    - Lydia
    - Viola
    - Adaline (Pronounced Add-a-line, not Add-a-lynn)
    - Meridia
    - Guinevere
    - Aurelia

    Please let me know what you think if you have any input! Thanks in advance
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    You have a lovely list!!

    Astoria - georgous, so full of flair yet so wearable!

    Elowen -beautiful, so earthy and magical

    Juliet/Juliette -sleek, literary and stylish. Juliet is my fave spelling as it looks tidier!

    Avalon - i quite enjoy it! Mystical, girly but rugged

    Acadia -lyrical and interesting!

    Eleanora - elegant yet clunky but in a good, vintage way. Love it!!

    Lydia - fresh, free and sweet!

    Viola -literary, cool and sharp -lovely!

    Adaline -i prefer the Adeline spelling, but its a lovely name

    Meridia -Meridia is intersting. Rugged, warm and adventurous feeling.

    Guinevere - it's not my fave tbh, i find it a tad harsh, but it's a nice enough name

    Aurelia -how do you pronounce it? Either way it's a beautiful name and i love the meaning
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    I love 3 of these: Elowen, Juliet and Guinevere.

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    Here are my thoughts:

    - Astoria-This is not my personal favorite, but I really don't have a good reason why. It's perfectly nice, unique & pretty cool.

    - Elowen-Ooh, so pretty. I like it a lot, & especially the nn Winnie. It's unique, yet not too complicated. It's darling on a little girl, yet grows up well.

    - Juliet / Juliette -This is nice. I don't care for the dated sounding 'Julie', which may be a hard nn to avoid. Juliet looks sleeker in my opinion.

    - Avalon-Hm, I don't love this one. I think it reminds me of Avon...

    - Acadia-This is a little confusing.

    - Eleonora-Gorgeous! Feminine & sophisticated. Eleanor is on my short list, but this is more unique which is a big plus.

    - Lydia-This is nice. Not amazing, but totally fine.

    - Viola-I don't care for this for some reason. It reminds me of a cranky old lady for some reason.

    - Adaline (Pronounced Add-a-line, not Add-a-lynn)-Why not Adeline? That seems to be the more classic spelling. I love Adeline, but every other baby I meet is named 'Add-uh-lynn' w/various spellings. Therefore, I'm just over 'Ad' names in general.

    - Meridia-That's a bit much in my opinion.

    - Guinevere-Well, this is my Astoria. My absolute favorite perfect girl name.

    - Aurelia-This is good. Pretty. Unique yet not complicated.

    Hope this helps.
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    Astoria: A nice name that has a rather British aristocratic feel to it (mainly because it reminds me of the Astor family).
    Elowen: Elowen is a gorgeous name! I love the Celtic, rustic feel it gives me.
    Juliet / Juliette: Juliet feels cleaner to me though both spellings are nice.
    Avalon: I'm not overly keen on Avalon, but it's nice enough I guess.
    Acadia: Not a huge fan of Acadia, sorry.
    Eleonora: I love Eleonora - I slightly prefer Eleonore, though Eleonora is just as lovely.
    Lydia: I wish I could use Lydia, though I have negative personal associations with the name. Such a shame when not so lovely people ruin lovely names!
    Viola: Viola is beautiful and I like the musical connections. It's a fresher alternative to Violet, whilst still being familiar enough in feel not to sound too out of place.
    Adaline: I'm not a fan of the "-line" pronunciation of the name, though I adore Adeline with the "-leen" pronunciation.
    Meridia: Not too keen on Meridia, sorry.
    Guinevere: I want to like Guinevere, but there's something about the -guin sound at the beginning that just doesn't click with me.
    Aurelia: Aurelia is a breathtaking name. I love it a lot!

    Aurelia, Elowen and Viola are my favourites
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    Astoria - Beautiful! Dreamy and unique

    Elowen - I agree with @greyblue earthy and magical

    Juliet/Juliette - This is my #1 name, love it! I’m also debating which spelling I prefer too, I’ve been basing the spelling off which goes better with the middle name.

    Avalon - Very pretty and whimsical

    Acadia - pretty

    Eleanora - beautiful and I love that is has a lot of nickname options

    Lydia - I like this one because of Lydia from beetle juice lol

    Viola - beautiful!

    Adeline - pretty

    Meridia - not my favorite

    Guinevere - beautiful

    Aurelia - I’m really loving this one right now so gorgeous

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    Thank you for the feedback, everyone! I love reading your opinions

    @greyblue - my preferred pronunciation of Aurelia is Au-ray-lee-a or even Au-rell-ee-a! Depends on the day, I suppose. Thank you for your detailed response ♡

    @michellem - Thank you for your thoughts! I like Adaline because it looks neater to me for whatever reason. I also like the Blake Lively character in the movie "Age of Adaline" and love how the name is spelled and pronounced there. Add-a-line just seems to sound more classy to me

    @adelina_sophia - when you love a name but then meet a terrible person with said name... it is so infuriating!

    @estrella - looking at your comment made me realize how sweet of a sibset Guinevere, Eleonora, Adaline & Juliet would make! Thanks for your input ♡

    @lauren.ley - yes, I agree with you about the spelling of Juliet/te! Sometimes the opposite just works better. And Beetlejuice is amazing -- I can't believe I hadn't even thought of that connection. Feeling pretty dumb right now, lol. Thanks for replying!
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    Astoria- This is super cute, and it reminds me of a fantasy kingdom. In a good way though.

    Elowen- Adorable! I used to have it on my list.

    Juliet/Juliette- I love this a lot, and it’s even on my list. I prefer the Juliette spelling.

    Avalon- Yes to this name. It’s also on my list.

    Acadia- I don’t really like it a lot because it reminds me too much of Acacia.

    Eleonora- This is a cool take on Eleanor.

    Lydia- This name is not my favorite, but it’s still good.

    Viola- I really like this one. It’s amazing.

    Adaline- One of the only -line names I like. I actually love the spelling and pronunciation.

    Meridia- It sounds like a fancier version of Merida to me. I like it, but maybe it’s too unique?

    Guinevere- Love this. You can never go wrong with with Guinevere.

    Aurelia- I like this a lot,
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