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    What to do with this mess of names...

    Hi everyone!

    Apparently, I've fallen out of love with my favourite names and feel totally uninspired by them, so I decided to sit down and just jot down a whole bunch of combos I am feeling, that I am considering and that have been on the list before. It's come out pretty long, so I appreciate this is a big ask, but what names would you keep from the list below? Which ones stand out to you?

    The only ones I really, really still love at the moment are Sarai Matilda and Una Adele (or Una with another middle) so those are definitely staying, but everything else is up in the air.

    Here's the list:

    1. Sarai Matilda
    2. Una Adele
    3. Cleo Tallulah
    4. Florence Delilah
    5. Cleo Amalia
    6. Delilah Pearl
    7. Aurelia Eve
    8. Felicity Piper
    9. Una Penelope
    10. Elodie Seren
    11. Isby Clara
    12. Amy Acacia
    13. Scout Eliora
    14. Cornelia Violet
    15. Evelina Opal
    16. Opal Adelia
    17. Ilaria Winter
    18. Ginevra Pearl
    19. Ginevra Snow
    20. Scout Eleanora
    21. Edith Luella
    22. Edie Luella
    23. Romilly Charlotte
    24. Juniper Charlotte
    25. Elodie Saoirse
    26. Romy Charlotte
    27. Seren Ilaria
    28. Mabel Eliza
    29. Nell Calliope
    30. Effie Lark
    31. Effie Larkspur
    32. Jovie Emmeline
    33. Mira Clementine
    34. Stella Beatrix
    35. Hazel Emilia
    36. Una Charlotte
    37. Maeve Emily
    38. Mira Lillian
    39. Evelina Scout
    40. Polly Adele
    41. Penelope Maeve
    42. Tallulah Ocean
    43. Saskia Opal
    44. Calliope Flora
    45. Calliope Wren
    46. Glow Matilda
    47. Glow Harriet
    48. Ailish Penelope
    49. Cerys Adelia
    50. Aoife Penelope
    51. Juno Delilah
    52. Margot Geneva
    53. Viola Anouk
    54. Farrah Celeste
    55. Lola Anouk
    56. Lola Endellion
    57. Indie Florence
    58. Ginevra Hazel
    59. Mina Ottilie
    60. Clara Ottilie
    61. Ottilie Clara
    62. Heidi Clementine
    63. Penelope Autumn
    64. Elowen Daphne
    65. Elowen Charlotte
    66. Emmeline Heidi
    67. Bronwen Isabella
    68. Winona Pearl
    69. Lois Aurelia
    70. Carys Endellion

    Thank you if anyone does take the time to pick out a couple - or even mix and match a few, as I say, nothing's really feeling settled!h
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    What a lovely list of names! I particularly love Winona Pearl, Cornelia Violet, Ottilie Clara, Ginevra Hazel, and Stella Beatrix.

    Mix and match: Cornelia Lark, Viola Pearl, Penelope Scout, Saskia Mabel, Flora Scout, Cerys Aurelia, Opal Acacia.

    I hope this helps in some way!
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    These are my favorites!

    Sarai Matilda
    Una Adele
    Cleo Tallulah
    Cleo Amalia (prefer this between the two)
    Aurelia Eve
    Elodie Seren
    Elodie Saoirse (I like these combos pretty equally!)
    Isby Clara
    Scout Eliora (prefer this between the two)
    Scout Eleanora
    Ginevra Pearl
    Ginevra Snow (prefer this between the two)
    Edie Luella
    Elodie Saoirse
    Romy Charlotte
    Nell Calliope
    Hazel Emilia
    Maeve Emily
    Evelina Scout
    Tallulah Ocean
    Saskia Opal
    Glow Matilda
    Juno Delilah
    Margot Geneva
    Viola Anouk
    Lola Anouk
    Lola Endellion (I like these combos pretty equally!)
    Indie Florence
    Ginevra Hazel
    Elowen Daphne
    Elowen Charlotte (I prefer this between the two)
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    Hello! These are my favorites:

    Florence Delilah
    Felicity Piper
    Ilaria Winter
    Effie Larkspur
    Stella Beatrix
    Evelina Scout
    Penelope Maeve
    Calliope Wren
    Juno Delilah
    Lola Anouk
    Indie Florence
    Mina Ottilie
    Bronwen Isabella
    Winona Pearl

    A few mix and match ideas:

    I noticed you have 3 Ginerva combinations-- my favorite one is Ginerva Snow because Ginerva Pearl has the same "er" sound in both names and I think Snow just helps the name feel brighter and more energetic than Hazel, and creates great imagery. That's just my opinion anyway!

    I really like Romilly Charlotte and Romy Charlotte but if you're ever stuck deciding or looking to cut things out of your list you could always have Romilly nn Romy.

    Cleo Tallulah has too many vowel sounds in a row for my personal taste so maybe starting with another short name would help bring out the sing-songy vibe of Tallulah? I thought Lark Tallulah or Nell Tallulah sounded cute, with Lark being my favorite of those two options.

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    I have always loved Illria Winter and remember it from your previous signagure, so I immediately looked for it on the list.

    So I would definitely keep Illaria Winter.
    Others I especially like and would keep are:
    ( Illaria Winter )
    Romilly Charlotte
    Winona Pearl
    Indie Florence
    Ginevra Snow
    Aurelia Eve

    Mix and match:

    Maeve Elowen
    Piper Aurelia / Aurelia Piper
    Edie Beatrix
    Jovie Clementine
    Jovie Larkspur
    Elodie Pearl
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    Thank you everyone! You're all fantastic and I appreciate all your thoughts!!!!

    @josephinedagnall Viola Pearl, Penelope Scout, Cerys Aurelia, Saskia Mabel and Flora Scout (like this a lot!!) are great!! Thanks!!

    @kittylitter thank you for those thoughts! Ginevra Snow will probably stay!
    Lark Tallulah is lovely, thanks

    @cl0udberry thank you!! Jovie Clementine, Elodie Pearl, and Edie Beatrix are brilliant! Thanks!!

    Thanks again everyone!!
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    I'm probably not going to be much help to you, as I honestly think you have beautiful taste and I like all these names! So I'm thinking perhaps it would be more helpful for me to state the ones I don't like (there's not many). Personally I'm not a fan of Carys, and I would find Glow maybe a bit too out there to use. But truly a fantastic list of names, can see why you'd have trouble narrowing it down.

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