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    Taiga - Japanese first name

    Looking for Japanese first name for a half-Japanese half-American boy. It's been really tough to find Japanese names that will not get botched in English, and even harder to find names that don't sound like a girl (Akira is a Japanese boy name). Taiga is a popular name in Japan that is easy to say in English. Do you think people would instantly associate it with Tiger? I am not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing; not a fan of Tiger Woods.

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    I like Taiga. It does sound like tiger but it's visually different and I actually think the tiger (but not really tiger) association sells it - it gives it a cool, wearable feel.
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    I like Taiga, but I do think of tiger when I read it (and I assume if I heard it, I would think tiger as well)... I have also occasionally heard the name Tiger in person.

    What about Taiyo? It's very similar in sound and spelling as Taiga.
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    Hmmm, I don't think the association is too strong. It's a nice name but not my favorite. Other suggestions for Japanese names if you are interested:




    Ken (obviously this is English too)

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