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    Talia Fox vs Talia Rose or Vienna combo

    Hello ☺️

    We’ve been drawn to the name Talia for a while now but I’m not sure what middle name is best. So far we like;

    Talia Rose
    Talia Foxe/Fox
    Talia Vienna
    Talia Sofia

    I really really do love Vienna however I’m not a fan of the nickname vi-vi or V so I thought I could use it as a middle name. I’m not sure. What are your opinions? Is there a combo you like best or would create yourself?

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    I love Talia Fox! It's stunning! Talia Sofia is love - maybe Talia Sofie or Talia Wren?
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    Talia Rose is so beautiful.

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    It was a tough decision between Talia Fox and Talia Rose but I think Talia Rose is my favorite! Very sweet, beautiful, and feminine. If you're looking for a more striking combination then Talia Fox is great too. I think Talia Rose and Vienna Fox sound nice, even though you wouldn't want Vienna as a first name.

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    Talia Fox is just so gorgeous, and so cool!! Talia Vienna and Talia Sofia don't flow so well, something about the two names together both ending in A just throws it off for me
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