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    Ryeland James and Elliston John

    I met twin boys who were born today named Ryeland and Elliston. Mom and Dad picked their names from the Joanna Gaines Magnolia line of linens!! They intend to call the boys Rye and Ellis. You just never know where name inspiration will strike!
    Any other unusual methods to name selection out there?

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    These are cool! I've never thought of spelling Ryeland like that (though I have toyed with the idea of Ryland before) and I think Elliston is super cute (it's a street name in my home city).

    I personally like to think of my hometown/city, places we've lived, or places we've visited to draw inspiration. For instance, being originally from Nashville, I think of names that remind me of there without being super literal like: Davidson (the county that Nashville sits in), Elliston (street name), Weston (like West End), or any of the classic country star names like Cash, Jennings, Minnie, Dolly, Carter, etc.

    We also recently visited Denver and loved the outdoorsy-ness of the city, so now we're sort of throwing around the ideas of mountain/forest/outdoorsy names like Cedar, Everett, etc. Or, after visiting New York, I think about names like Madison, Ellis, Park, etc.

    I love drawing on our travels or residences to find names that remind us of some of our favorite times!

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