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    What are your thoughts on the name?
    What nicknames possibilities are there?
    What middle name could you see with it?
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    I love Peregrine! It feels rugged and wise.

    For nn, I'd consider Pip, Perry, Perin, Pippin, Riggs, Penn

    For middles:
    Peregrine Jude
    Peregrine Horatio
    Peregrine Isaac
    Peregrine Leo
    Peregrine Toby
    Peregrine Judah
    Peregrine Lorcan
    Peregrine Davis
    Peregrine Oscar
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    I like Peregrine. It's nature-y, strong, masculine and fun. It's probably a bit too out there for me to use in reality, but I love to see it used, as a first or middle name.
    A more down to earth middle like John, Thomas, Andrew, Richard could really ground the name. Or you could go with more wild names if that's the style. It depends on the vibe
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    I love Peregrine, and it's on our list (as my signature will attest to haha). To me, it's a mix of strong and handsome, with nature and whimsy.

    My favourite nicknames are Pip or Pippin, but you could try things like Perry, Reggie, Rinny, etc as well.

    I think there's a pretty vast selection of middle name options. We went with unique, timeless, and naturey middles, because that's our style. I think you could also go classic, such as Peregrine Theodore, or trendy like Peregrine Blake... it's a very flexible name to my ears.
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    I'm not a fan of it personally. Just sounds bland.

    But if you do want to use it, its definitely unisex and would choose Peregrine Blake as a first and middle.
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