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Thread: Joe King??

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    Joe King??

    We are having the hardest time finding a name we like for our baby boy. I feel like the only name I like right now is Joseph, but is Joe King (our last name) a deal breaker?? "Hi, I'm Joe King" - sounds like "I'm joking". ? I feel like every name I like has some sort of deal breaker attached to it. 😑

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    The Joe King / joking thing makes me like the name even more! Haha but that's just me. If it bothers you it might not be the one. Joseph is a very handsome name on its own and a nickname could be Joey too. What are some of the other names you're considering?

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    I didn't even notice that when I read the thread title! I think it's sweet and silly but not a deal breaker.
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    I wouldnt use Joe all the time, but if it's an occasional nickname and he mostly goes by Joseph he'll likely never be called Joe King, just Joseph King
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    My first thought was Joey King (the actress). When I said it out loud, the joking thing was very obvious. Idk I think it’s usable but I can’t disagree with the downsides.
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    If you really really love Joseph I think it's doable, but I personally wouldn't do it. In my office for sure he would be called Joe King (unless he'd firmly establish a different nick name early on) and it really doesn't roll of the tongue super well. Are there any other names you're considering?
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    I thought "joking" immediately. I've heard Joe King used as a joke name before, like Ben Dover but not as bad. I don't think Joseph is a usable name for you guys, unless it's truly the only option, but he wouldn't be able to use nn Joe later in life because he would not be taken seriously.
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    I would not recommend this. It makes me think of Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) and how he realized his name was Dong Lover.
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    Well Stephen King named his son Joseph but I think he did that in part so that he would be joking, I think Joseph King is just fine, but i would make sure you decided on and stick to a different nn just so he doesn't have to introduce himself as "Joking". I was in my 20's when I found out about Stephen King's son and I laughed about it for a while. I am sure Joe King would be made fun of/ bullied.

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    Please dont. He'll obviously get jokes made all the time.

    Maybe names that you can use Joe as a nickname for.. Jonathan, Justin, Joseph, I dont know.

    Or Joey atleast.
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