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    A brother for Jacksen

    Last name sounds like Allman and is of German origin. I prefer to avoid an n ending (which I didnt realize when naming Jacksen, nor did we know its popularity! But we love him and his name...)

    Names I like are listed below. Middle would likely be Lee, Reed, or Wolf. Lee and Reed are honour names and we just like Wolf. Please comment on list or offer suggestions. Thank you!

    Thomas (cant use it)
    Lucas/Lukas (too popular)
    Arlo - i like a with the a last name

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    The only few combos I like with the names you like and the middle names are these

    Rainer Lee
    Wells Lee
    River Reed
    Johnny Wolf

    I like Kip but it would need a middle name thats longer, Kip Jules?

    Also like these I came up with
    Mars Lee
    Perrin Reed
    Harlan Wolf
    Benji Lee
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    Jacksen & Johnny are cute, but maybe consider spelling it Jhonny.

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    I like Jacksen and Fletcher.

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    River - not a fan
    Arlo - I see what you mean about the alliteration but I think the A and the L sounds in both names are too much.
    Cruz - not a fan
    Bruno - I like it
    Archer - I like it!
    Rayner/Rainer - not really a fan
    Johnny - no, it sounds childish; I'd go for John or Jonathan and call him Johnny if you want to
    Crew - just makes me think of shirts
    Kip - I like it as a nickname but doesn't have a lot of substance, I'd give him a longer name like Kipling, Christopher, or Christian and call him Kip
    Briggs - I like it, uncommon but very easy to spell or pronounce
    Fletcher - I like it
    Wells - I like it
    Toby - It's okay but I prefer it as a nickname for Tobias, Tobiah, etc

    Maybe you'd also like:

    Luca, Luke, Lewis, Louis, or Lucan instead of Lucas/Lukas
    Rainier (pronounced Ray-NEER, idk what area you live in but I'm in the PNW where it's the name of a well-known mountain so people would know how to pronounce it, idk about elsewhere)
    Argo - similar sound to Arlo
    Bruin - similar to Bruno

    I could also see you using Reed as a first name, although it would work better with a longer middle.

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