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    Thoughts on My Short List

    I know I've made several threads and asked many questions about some of these names, but I just don't feel completely happy with this list. Every name means something to us, we picked each combo with intention, and we love them, I just don't know that I can actually see us using them. Maybe so many years of trying without success has me frustrated and bored with the names I've loved (many of which have changed drastically in just the last couple of years) but everything feels stale and expected (even if our choices are anything but).

    I guess what I'm asking is for thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. I'll try to put a little something about each combo so you can understand our reasonings better and I won't have to go back and explain later. Thank you so much

    Judah Leonidas Hope - Judah Leonidas is a combo I've loved for two or three years now. I would say it's our top pick for a boy. The symbolic meaning "Lion of Judah" means a lot to me personally as I feel my faith has strengthened in recent years. Hope is a name I think goes well with this, and I'm still holding out hope of having a baby of my own.

    Remington Hezekiah Peace *Remy or Kai* - Remington is a name SO loves and I really like as well. Hezekiah is a biblical figure I admire immensely after reading a books series based off of him and doing some studying a few years back. Peace, like the aforementioned Hope, has a lot of personal meaning for us in that having a baby would bring peace to our hearts.

    Thaddeus Newt Almanzo - I just think Thaddeus Newt is really cool. It's a combo I came up with very recently, but I really like it. My mom read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to us as kids, and the one about Almanzo Wilder is a favourite of mine. I just feel it goes well here.

    Taran Elias Psalm - The Chronicles of Prydain was a favourite book series of mine as a child, and I love that Taran means thunder. Elias is for the prophet Elijah, SOs favourite biblical figure. I've always really liked Psalm, and even with the recent Kimye baby I would still use it as a middle name.

    Fagan Micah Hymn - This is a name that is largely on this list in case we ever have twins, then this is what we would use in conjunction with Taran Elias Psalm. Fagan is a character from a book, The Last Sin Eater, that means a lot to me. I'm aware of its similarity to a homophobic slur, but the similarity is in spelling only as they are pronounced differently. And my name is Helen, I hardly ever got Hell comments growing up and I feel tagt in our new and enlightened society the likelihood of that kind of teasing being an issue isn't very high.

    Gareth Denver Wolf - I love Gareth for its meaning "gentle" and I hope to raise gentle sons. Denver is for my grandpa and Wolves are an important symbol for SO and myself.

    Damon Monroe Raven - Damon is another name that means "gentle" as well as being a character in a favourite book of mine. Monroe is a family name for SO and myself. Raven, like wolf, is a symbolic name for us.

    Kalixto Jedidiah Saint *Kit* - Kalixto is a name I love for its unique sound and spelling, as well as being the only long form I like that can give me the nickname Kit. Jedidiah is a name that means "Beloved of Yahweh" and it's the name God gave to Solomon when he was born. Saint is a word name SO likes and I felt it fit here.

    Jedidiah Anakin Prayer *Jedi* - Yes this name is Star Wars themed. So is almost every room in our house. It was done on purpose, we are fans and it doesn't bother us that people might think it's weird. As I said before, Jedidiah had a deeply spiritual meaning for us, as it was a name given to show Gods love and favour. Anakin is my favourite Star Wars character for a number of reasons, but he was also conceived immaculately and without having a father, much like Jesus was and I like that symbolism (as well as his development in the Star Wars universe).

    Hezekiah Ezekiel Canaan *Kai* - This is name SO chose completely by himself, and I don't mind it. I sont know that we would ever actually use it, but I leave it on the list for him.

    Galahad Eden Orlando *Gal* - Galahad is name I've always loved, but I didn't consider it as a first until a couple of years ago. I love Arthurian legend, and I feel this combo encompasses that.

    Mordred Matthias Praise *Mor* - Mordred is a name SO loves, and I like it too. Matthias Praise is a middle name combo that has had many first names over the years, and for right now it's here. SO also really enjoys alliteration and rhyming names.

    Anakin Emrys Wolf/Anakin Jedidiah Hope - This is the only boys name tagt we can't decide which we like better. I lean towards Anakin Emrys Wolf for t yuh e fact that each name is significant to us and Anakin Jedidiah Hope just feels too nerdy to me, but SO likes it better for that exact reason.

    Phoebe Silena Owl - This is my all-time favourite combo, even if I don't prefer the names individually to some of the others on our list. Phoebe means "light", the same as my name. Silena has meanings relating to light and the moon, which I like and this spelling comes from the Percy Jackson books. Owls are SOs favourite animal and are meaningful to me as well for representing wisdom.

    Rosamund Eliana Rahab/Rosamund Nita Rahab/Rosamund Hadassah Rahab *Rose* - Rose is my absolute hands-down favourite name, and always has been. SO doesn't like just Rose, so we will most likely use a longer name and Rosamund is the one we like best right now. Eliana means "Wished for Child", which fits our current circumstances. Rahab is my favourite female biblical character and her story gives me so much hope. Nita is for my Aunt that recently passed away, someone I was very close to. Hadassah is for the main character in Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion trilogy, a series I loved when I was younger.

    Persephone Aurora Dove *Pippi or Sephe* - Persephone is a recent love of mine, and it feels fresh in comparison to so many of my other girls names that have been on my list for years. Aurora is after my mother and Dove is SOs nickname for me.

    Celia Guinevere Yvaine - Celia means "heavenly", and I just really like that imagery. Guinevere is for Arthur's queen, and Yvaine is for the character in Stardust (the movie, not the book).

    Evangeline Vesper Jean *Evie* - Evangeline means "bringer of good news", which is something I hope for from my children. Vesper is just a name I really like, and Jean is a family name for me that honours several different important people in my life.

    Hadassah Sparrow Hymn/Hadassah Delilah Anne *Haddie* - Hadassah Sparrow is a combo SO really likes, and I don't mind it. Both names are important to me individually, and I like how they sound together. SO likes rhyming and alliteration with names, so I added Hymn to the end of it. Delilah Anne is a middle name combo I've always liked, and I like them better with Hadassah.

    Annabel Aurelia Jean - Another name SO came up with. Annabel is for a book I adore. The Last Sin Eater. Aurelia is a name SO likes and Jean is a family name off my side.

    Meg Lillian Georgiana/Meg Arabella Georgeanne - I love Meg. Sweet, simple Meg. These are just some ideas I came up with (George is a family name so I tired to incorporate some feminine versions of that here).

    Elsa Guinevere Snow/Elsa Aurora Snow - Elsa is for the real life lion from the book and movie Born Wild. It was a favourite of mine growing up. Snow is my mother-in-laws maiden name. I am aware of the Disney Elsa similarities using those names together, but I've decided I don't really mind and might even enjoy that.

    Guinevere Syrena Selene - I love these names separately, but this is a combo SO came up with and I don't hate it. Its definitely growing on me.

    Esme Jacinda Belle/Esme Drucilla Selene - Esme is more of a recent crush than a love, but SO has decided he loves it so I came up with some combos here. Hyacinths are my favourite flower, so Jacinda fits well and I like Belle on the end of Esme Jacinda. Drucilla Selene is a name I have loved for a long time but don't have the guts to use on it's own, so I put it in the middle after Esme.

    Juliet Rosalyn Bo/Juliet Rosaline Bo/Juliet Rosaline Galilee/Juliet Lillian Galilee - The most recent name on this list, and one that might not stay. I was an actress for a number of years specializing in Shakespearian theatre. I traveled around with a troup that preformed all over the world. Juliet Rosalyn/Juliet Rosaline is a nod to that time in my life, and Shakespearian literature is still something I'm passionate about. Bo is a new crush of mine, as well as an honour name for my favourite uncle whose name is Bo. Galilee is just a biblical word/place name I enjoy and Lillian is really just a name I like I have used for filler here.

    If you've made it this far, thank you so much. I look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions

    Persephone Aurora Dove • Phoebe Silena Owl • Rosamund Eliana Rahab
    Elsa • Celia • Guinevere • Esme • Selene • Evangeline • Hadassah • Annabel • Yvaine • Vesper • Ophelia • Meg • Juliet • Pia
    Judah Leonidas • Remington Hezekiah • Thaddeus Newt • Taran Elias Psalm
    Gareth • Damon • Kalixto • Boaz • Jedidiah • Anakin • Fagan • Percival • Wilder • Azaiah • Ezekiel • Koda • Sparrow • Canaan

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    I'll give you some thoughts on each and any tweaks I'd make - but feel free to ignore those

    Judah Leonidas Hope - this combo is honestly stunning to me! I love how meaningful it is to you and the combo of Judah and Leonidas is brilliant and Hope rounds it off so well! I think Judah Leonidas Pax would be nice too

    Remington Hezekiah Peace - I love how unexpected this combo feels. Remington feels modern yet surnamey , Hezekiah is so Biblical and Peace adds a surprising softness. Remy is a brilliant nickname! If it were me, I'd probably use Remy Hezekiah Peace or Emerson Hezekiah Peace 'Remy' but not sure that's your style. It's nice as it is though

    Thaddeus Newt Almanzo - Thaddeus Newt is a stunning combo - it feels so cool and magical! Almanzo is surprising and I like how it flows and the meaning too! I'd also consider Thaddeus Newt Wilder?

    Taran Elias Psalm - I like the mix of rugged Taran with soft but strong Elias and the gentle feeling of Psalm. It's a nice combo

    Fagan Micah Hymn - I have to admit this is my least fave on your list. Micah Hymn is lovely but with Fagan, for me, it reminds me not only of the slur, but the slang for cigarettes (maybe a UK thing?) along with Fagin in Oliver Twist - generally considered to be anti-Semitic, so I'm afraid it really doesn't appeal to me, sorry. Rivers Micah Hymn? Micah Fagan Hymn? Equally, does the character Fagan have a surname that's usable?

    Gareth Denver Wolf - I really like this. Gareth feels so rugged but the meaning is so lovely! It feels like a very meaningful combo

    Damon Monroe Raven - this is okay. Damon isn't a favourite of mine, but I'm also not a fan of the repetition Damon Monroe repetition and I'm not sure on how Raven flows either. It's not bad though and I think it does have an appealing, intriguing quality to it. Damon Micah Hymn? Damon Micah Raven? Damon Matthias Praise? Damon Rivers Monroe? Damon Rivers Raven?

    Kalixto Jedidiah Saint - this name has a lot of grandeur and a sort of futuristic, cool quality but the sweet simplicity of the nickname Kit grounds and balances it. I like it!

    Jedidiah Anakin Prayer - it is too Star Warsy for me personally but that's probably only because I'm not a big fan of Star Wars and since you are, it works! It flows well and Jedi is such a cool nickname for a kid! I really like how you bring your favourite books and series into your kids names - it's like passing a piece of you onto them, in a meaningful way.

    Hezekiah Ezekiel Canaan - I love Canaan and the nickname Kai! They would really well with Hezekiah! I probably wouldn't use Ezekiel here though as it repeats a lot of the sounds and letters of Hezekiah. Hezekiah Raphael Canaan? Hezekiah Elias Canaan? Hezekiah Barnabas Canaan?

    Galahad Eden Orlando - I love this! It feels so adventurous, so literary but also peaceful and gentle

    Mordred Matthias Praise *Mor* - I like this. Matthias Praise has such excellent flow and I enjoy the alliteration too

    Anakin Emrys Wolf/Anakin Jedidiah Hope - Anakin Emrys Wolf would gmv. Anakin Jedidiah Wolf? Jedidiah Anakin Wolf? Anakin Emrys Jedidiah?

    Phoebe Silena Owl - I really like this combo - it has a sleek, mysterious feel and I like how meaningful the name is too

    Rosamund Eliana Rahab - this is my favourite of the combos. It has such a lovely flow, and I love the meaning of Eliana. It also brings something soft that balances out the harder sounds of Rahab and Rosamund. This combo is lovely!

    Persephone Aurora Dove *Pippi or Sephe* - This is a wonderful name! I love Persephone and Aurora and Dove really add something magical. It feels so cohesive!

    Celia Guinevere Yvaine - Celia Guinevere Yvaine is nice - it feels so regal and like a strong woman from a legend of some sort! I might consider Celia Guinevere Nita, Celia Guinevere Dove, Celia Hadassah Yvaine too

    Evangeline Vesper Jean *Evie* - I like the repeated E sounds and Evangeline is stunning. There's something smooth and lovely about this combo - full of hope and meaning

    Hadassah Sparrow Hymn/Hadassah Delilah Anne *Haddie* -Hadassah Delilah Anne has such a lovely ring to it. It's lovely. Hadassah Sparrow Hymn is nice too, but I find it hard to say, sorry.
    Annabel Sparrow Hymn? Galilee Sparrow Hymn? Hadassah Francine Sparrow?

    Annabel Aurelia Jean - This is lovely! I enjoy the alliteration here and the short, quirky feel Jean brings

    Meg Lillian Georgiana/Meg Arabella Georgeanne - Meg Lillian Georgiana is nice! I like the warm feeling of Meg - it's homely and sweet. Meg Delilah Anne would be nice too, or Meg Georgiana Lillian or Meg Lillian Georgette? Meg Georgeanne Lily? Meg Georgiana Francine?

    Elsa Guinevere Snow/Elsa Aurora Snow - This is a tough choice as I like both combos together! There's something strong about it and I like the wintery imagery! Elsa Aurora Snow wins perhaps - I enjoy the celestial feel it brings. I'll also suggest Elsa Annabel Snow

    Guinevere Syrena Selene - I like the sounds though I prefer the look of Sirena. Guinevere Selena Snow, Guinevere Sirena Sparrow or Guinevere Serephine Snow also came to mind

    Esme Jacinda Belle/Esme Drucilla Selene - I love Esme! Esme Jacinda Belle is unexpected and pretty - Jacinda really adds something! Esme Cynthia Selene came to mind too

    Juliet Rosalyn Bo/Juliet Rosaline Bo/Juliet Rosaline Galilee/Juliet Lillian Galilee - Since Shakespeare eans so much to you, Juliet Rosaline Bo is great! So pretty and frilly but Bo rounds it off and adds something lively and vibrant.

    Hope this helps in some way
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    @greyblue - you're replies are always sp helpful and insightful, thank you so much! I do really like Damon Matthias Praise, I never thought of that. The problem with all the reapeating letters and sounds is that SO really likes that for some reason. I don't know that I will actually let him use some of those names, but I try to keep the names he likes on the list anyway.

    I think I also prefer Rosamund Eliana Rahab. It was an original name from years and years back that I loved, and it would be so much more meaningful to use now. I have never read Oliver Twist, so I don't know about this character, and the character Fagan that I love has the last name Kai (so using that as a nickname for Hezekiah is also a nod to him). I don't know that I would actually use it give the heavy backlash it receives on here and in my real life, but I still love it nonetheless.

    I really like some of the combos you have suggested, and I will definitely consider them. Again, thank you for taking the time to make such a thoughtful and in depth reply.

    Persephone Aurora Dove • Phoebe Silena Owl • Rosamund Eliana Rahab
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    Hello you have some really interesting combinations! I think greyblue already did an exceptional job providing feedback and I shared a lot of the same concerns like the Damon/Monroe, Hezekiah Ezekiel similarities so I'll try to keep my responses brief.

    Judah Leonidas Hope- I prefer the suggestion of Judah Leonidas Pax. I think since Hope is typically a feminine name it competes rather than accentuates the strength I feel with the combination of Judah Leonidas.

    Remington Hezekiah Peace- I like this, but personally feel the first two names together make the name too long. Realistically on a child this would be quite the name to put on test papers when they're older and to use on official documents.

    Thaddeus Newt Almanzo - this is a cool combo and I like the suggestion of Wilder at the end as well

    Taran Elias Psalm - for me Elias and Psalm run together so I would prefer Taran Psalm Elias.

    Fagan- strongly dislike for all of the aforementioned reasons

    Gareth Denver Wolf - love this combo

    Damon Monroe Raven - I don't like the fact that all three names remind me of actors but you're an actress so that probably wouldn't bother you

    Kalixto Jedediah Saint - I like this combo

    Jedediah Anakin Prayer - I much prefer your other combos that use Star Wars characters and biblical references just not this one

    Hezekiah Ezekiel Caanan - too much together with the same letters and it feels too long

    Galahad Eden Orlando - I can't imagine a little boy with a nickname Gal. So that's just me but I don't care for this one.

    Mordred Matthias Praise - I would be concerned about bullying with the name "more dread" so not a fan of this one even though I do love Saint Matthias and the name Matthias

    I prefer the Anakin Emrys Wolf combination to the other.

    Phoebe Silena Owl - I love this stunning combination

    Rosamund Eliana Rahab is my favorite combination and seems very meaningful

    Persephone Aurora Dove is beautiful

    Celia Guinevere Yvaine - this one is sweet. I like it but don't love it

    Evangeline Vesper Jean - this is a nice combo

    Hadassah Sparrow Hymn - I prefer this one to the other combo.

    Annabel Aurelia Jean - it's nice but not my favorite

    Meg Arabella Georgeanne is my preferred combination

    Elsa Guinevere Snow - if the combination of Elsa and Snow doesn't bug you together then I prefer this combination to the other one

    Guinevere Syrena Selene - this combination is too rhymey for my taste

    Esme Drucilla Selene is my preferred combination.

    Juliet Rosalyn Bo - I really like the pop and spunk of this combination

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    Favourite Boy - Remington Hezekiah

    Favourite girl - Phoebe Silena Owl

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    @kittylitter - thank you for your reply! You bring up some valid points, especially about Fagan and Mordred. They're not fan favourites, but we still like them anyway. Realistically we only want one or two children anyway, so it is highly unlikely we would ever even use those names, but we still love them enough to keep them on the list

    The more I see it, the more I too like Thaddeus Newt Wilder. I think I prefer Wilder to Almanzo here.

    Persephone Aurora Dove • Phoebe Silena Owl • Rosamund Eliana Rahab
    Elsa • Celia • Guinevere • Esme • Selene • Evangeline • Hadassah • Annabel • Yvaine • Vesper • Ophelia • Meg • Juliet • Pia
    Judah Leonidas • Remington Hezekiah • Thaddeus Newt • Taran Elias Psalm
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