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Thread: Odette

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    Thoughts on the name Odette?

    We already have Aurora, aged 3. We like that she can be called Rory if it fits her better and thought that Odie could act as the same for an Odette. I know that they are both names from ballet and of princesses however so I’m worried they are too twee to use together?

    We’d appreciate other suggestions too (boy names included if they are allowed here too?)

    Thank you, Liz.
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    Odette is really pretty and goes well with Aurora. I'm not wild about the nickname Odie, though.
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    I’m not too bothered by nicknames and Odie isn’t necessarily the one we’d use straight off but I like that it would work for a tomboy if that were to be more to her personality. I think Aurora and Odette are very feminine, whimsical names so it’s good to have the back up.

    Thank you for the feedback and suggestions, Liz x

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    I think Odette and Aurora are wonderful together!

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    Aurora and Odette together is just music to my ears! I really like Odette... nice hear someone considering it!
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    I’m surprised that it’s being so well received! Thanks guys.

    What about middle name ideas for Odette? It seems a tricky name to find the right flow with.

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    I really like it! I do automatically think 'Swan Lake' but I definitely don't think they're twee. I think both names are feminine, beautiful and work well together. Aurora is one of my favourite names, great choices

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    Thanks for the great suggestions and feedback guys! Odette Viola is the only combination we’ve come up with so it’s great to have some other middle name suggestions. Xx

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    I love Odette and Aurora.

    They do both have a princess vibe to them, but the two stories are very different, are based off of different source material (a ballet vs a fairytale), and the children's films are from different companies/different decades. Between all that, it doesn't have near the matchiness that Ariel and Belle would, for example.

    I also really like the names themselves. They're feminine, dignified sounding, but with cute nickname options that give it some variability. I could picture an Odette being a tomboy, a bookworm, a princess lover; I feel like it's a name a girl can really grow into and make her own.

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