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    Honey as a first name

    Honey is my guiltiest guilty pleasure name. It’s probably my favorite name on nun list right now. But would it be cruel to give it to a real little girl? Is it that out there, and are there any full names that make the diminutive Honey work? (I can’t imagine an unrelated given name and the nickname Honey would stick.)
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    I've known a Honey and she wore it well!

    It reminds me a bit of names like Holly, Sunny, Bea, Connie, Emmy etc and i think it could work

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    I think it could only work as a middle name

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    Really cute on a little girl but come on, she would outgrow that before she’s five. Just think of how it looks on an adult
    Can you imagine a CEO, lawyer, doctor etc. named Honey?
    Since you can use honey as nickname for literally any name, I think using it as a given name is ridiculous and unnecessary
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    I love the name Honey! But I do think it would be better used as a nickname.

    Harlow would be nice with the nn Honey?

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    I can only see it as a term of endearment.

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    It feels overly familiar to me so I'm not fond of it on a real human. I would group it with other endearing monikers like Darling, Kitty, Angel, Baby, Dolly, and so on.

    It could work as a diminutive for Hudson, Hunter, Harmony, Chauncey, Shona, Shawney, Shannon, Sharon, Hosanna, Hannah, Havana, Harley, Holland, Bethany or Undine.

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    My issue with Honey is that it’s a term of endearment. I would not want my boss to call me Honey (I understand the difference of it being my name but it still doesn’t fix the problem). It’s not that I think the name is unprofessional because I think the right person can pull off any name and make it professional, it’s just that in any other circumstance, a person in a position of power (like a boss or captain, etc) calling a woman “honey” would be completely inappropriate. So it seems weird to me, if that makes sense.
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    I suggest using the advanced search feature to look for girls names that start with H and contain an O to see if you find a full name you like for nn Honey. I can only see it as a nn or middle.

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    I used to know an older woman named Honey, and it worked for her.

    However, in today's day in age, a girl/woman could feel demoralized by being called Honey by every man/guy she meets.

    I wouldn't do it as a first. I'd happily use it as a middle.

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