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    Katelyn or Tessa?

    Looking for a beautiful girls' name for #2. Right now Katelyn and Tessa are our frontrunners. Katelyn would be to honour my mom (spelled that way because she goes by "Kate") and Tessa would be to honour my grandmother (Theresa).

    I'd love to hear experiences/reactions to either of these names.


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    I like Tessa a lot! Tessa feels warm, cosy, but fun and lively!!
    Tessa Katelyn would be a lovely combo!
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    Red face

    Tessa is gorgeous. Katelyn is horribly dated

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    Hi there.

    I easily voted for Tessa. It's sweet, sporty, smart, simple yet not over done. It also has the adorable nn of Tess. And it's a great way to honor your grandmother. Of course, it's nice to honor your mom too. How about Tessa Kate? Or Tessa Katelyn if you must. I just find Katelyn (in all of its millions of spelling variations) way over done. And w/all of the spelling variations, it is guaranteed to be a pain in the neck. I like Katherine or Kathleen better to honor Kate; they're more classic & less trendy than Katelyn. Or if you want to be a little more adventurous, Katia or Katriona.

    Hope this helps.
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