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Thread: Due any day...

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    Due any day...

    Hello All,

    Baby #4 is due any day. We haven't yet settled on a boy name. Here is our list:

    George (family name)
    Oscar (family name)
    Warner (family name)
    Thaddeus (I like that it is an apostle's name)
    Theodore (like the meaning and the nickname options)
    Phillip (apostle's name again)
    Anders (Scandinavian version of Andrew and we have a Swedish last name)
    Everett (just like it)

    Our other kids' names are August, Corinne, and Simon

    What do you all think? Thanks for the help!
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    I feel like, in conjunction with your other kids' names, that Warner, Everett, and Phillip visually look and sound the best with the siblings.
    August, Corinne, Simon, and Warner visually look and sound like the perfect sibset in this case. It's vintage, but distinct, and also has the same level of uniqueness with your other kids.

    Personally, I don't think I could have a Theodore and Simon in a set, solely due to Alvin and the Chipmunks.
    I also don't think I could do Anders or Thaddeus due them being different styles, but I love the names regardless and think you should use it if you so choose.
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    Good point about Theodore and Simon. Thank you!

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    Personally, my favourites are Anders & Thaddeus, however, I think Oscar is the perfect fit, alongside August, Corinne & Simon. The next best fit, I'd say, would be Everett. I do find George & Phillip to fit well too, however, I just tend to find these very dated myself.

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    George, Everett or Theodore - they all nicely tie in with Simon, Corinne and August

    I think if George has extra special meaning as a family name then go with that!
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    Warmest congratulations, @adriennejune!

    My top recommendations from your list ...

    August, Simon {and} George, Everett, Oscar, Thaddeus, Theodore

    {quirky-cool old-man names}
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    With August, Corinne and Simon I think Everett fits perfectly! Stylistically, it is a familiar yet not too popular name that sounds really fresh. I think that Anders and Warner also share the same vibe. I love George but it does sound a little old-manish in comparison to your other names. I wouldn't go for Oscar personally, as it shares the same starting sound as August. Everett George, Everett Thaddeus, or Everett Theodore would be awesome combos!

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    Oscar or George would fit really well with your other kids! I also like Anders.

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    Hello! Other Berries have already addressed my concerns with some names so I'll skip that and get to my favorites.



    Phillip (I love that this is an option.... my only concern is if you have 2 children with names of apostles would August feel "left out". Obviously Corrine isn't either so at least that's 2 and 2. I don't see it as a huge deal but it's something to think about. I still really like this choice for you)

    btw I love the name Corrine!

    Corrine, August, Simon, and Phillip

    Corrine, August, Simon, and Everett

    Corrine, August, Simon, and Warner

    I thought typing it out might help me choose a favorite but I like all 3!

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    Thaddeus, Everett or Oscar fit best to me!

    Love your kids names btw!!
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