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    Link to their heritage?

    Hi everyone!
    So as the due date is approaching fast, I've been going over our chosen name James Alexander Fraiser, which obviously has strong Scottish links as DH is Scottish. I've been struggling for a while with the fact that James won't have a obvious link to my heritage which is Scandinavian, and I just can't convince DH to add my very Scandinavian maiden name into the mix. I love the name that we've chosen, but I worry that as he gets older he'll feel like he's missing a piece of his heritage. Has any of you got any advice or thoughts on this?
    Thank you in advance!

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    Hello! I really like the name you've chosen. Is Fraiser a second middle name or last name? Regardless, since I know people who go by their middle name and last name, I was thinking you could go with the nickname Frey which sounds short for Fraiser and is Scandinavian. I'm not sure your son will feel like a part of his heritage is missing but if you feel that way already then this might be a nice alternative to get a Scandinavian name in there.

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    Hi! That's a lovely name you've chosen for your son. Naming a child is a very special thing. If you are feeling that your are compromising on something that's very important to you then it might be worth putting your foot down and replacing one of your chosen names with a Scandinavian name. It may not be your maiden name, but another name that still has meaning for you. I hope you would be able to find a name that has the meaning you are after but is also one your husband likes. All the best with your decision!

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    Could you perhaps use a Scandinavian spelling of Alexander, like Aleksander or Aleksanteri? If Fraiser is the surname, another idea is to add a Scandinavian name, not necessarily your surname, as a second middle (or first, in front of Alexander)
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    If it matters greatly to you to choose a name that's clearly Scandinavian then I would recommend changing one of the middle names. James Alexander Fraiser is a very Scottish name, and I can understand that you might feel your heritage isn't being represented. If your DH isn't willing to use your maiden name then perhaps ask him to go through a list of Scandinavian names with you to find one that you both enjoy.
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