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Thread: Havilland??

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    I know I kind of asked about this one earlier, but I figured I’d try a thread focusing on just Havilland to get some feedback, and create a poll.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of Havilland as a baby girl’s name for a little while now, and I really am quite enamoured with it, but I’m unsure how wearable it is.

    I have only found one person with the name in some form thus far - an actress who played Caroline (the popular girl) in Sixteen Candles, so I’m still not entirely sure on the usability, but I adore the sound.

    If Harlow and Monroe work in honour of Jean and Marilyn, can Havilland work in honour of Olivia (de Havilland)?

    Thanks! xo
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    I think it's okay as a middle, but I'm not a fan of it for a first name.
    As for an honour, it depends how strong you want the connection, and if the honour is just by yourself, or if you will explain it to someone else, such as family
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    I really like Havilland. It appears easy to pronounce, and could lend itself to the nickname Havi as you previously mentioned. It also has the same rhythm as the popular Evelyn so I think that makes it more accessible to use as a first name. I appreciate beautiful unique names so I vote you keep this toward the top of your list!

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