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    What are some middle names that flow nicely with Zelda? Most mn I like seem to clash with it, and I want to find one that "grounds" the intensity of Zelda.

    I like:
    Zelda Louise
    Zelda Celeste
    Zelda Wren
    Zelda Dawn

    Whatcha think of those? What are some other options?

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    I’m not usually a fan of Louise, but I think Zelda Louise is a nice combo, has the best flow and best grounds Zelda. I think Zelda Wren is lovely, but not so down-to-earth, Zelda Dawn I don’t think flows as well, and Celeste is still quite bold with Zelda. Some other suggestions:

    Zelda Ann(e)
    Zelda Maeve
    Zelda Faye
    Zelda Alice

    I love Zelda by the way!
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    Zelda is a heavy sounding name so I would choose a middle that feels light and bright and on your list I think Zelda Wren is nice.

    Zelda Soleil
    Zelda Ivy
    Zelda Elin
    Zelda Amelie
    Zelda Juniper

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    Zelda Louise and Zelda Wren are great. Louise feels cohesive with Zelda as it has lighter, softer sounds but still feels strong and feminine whereas Wren gives the combo a quirky feel that lends something playful and light to Zelda.

    I like the suggestions of Zelda Ruby, Zelda Amelie and Zelda Faye from pp!

    Zelda Elise
    Zelda Lily
    Zelda Phoebe
    Zelda Romilly
    Zelda Catherine
    Zelda Nancy
    Zelda Emmeline
    Zelda Lilian
    Zelda Chloe
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    Love Zelda, BTW. Great choice!

    I, too, like the sound of it with something lighter, Zelda Louise being the besto n your list, IMHO. However, I would change it to Zelda Eloise. I feel like it flows better and feels lighter on the tongue, while also being quite respectable.
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