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    When someone uses you name before you can...

    Ugh, guys. Someone I know just posted a photo to Facebook today of her fresh new baby, and he has the same name as the one we were going to use. If it was a common name like Jackson, or Oliver, or Aiden, or Greyson, or something else you hear all the time now, I wouldn’t mind. But it was Walden, and it’s sort of a unique name. We were going to use Walden, with the nickname Wally, and she’s already calling him Wally, too.

    She’s not a close friend to me, per se, but she’s definitely close enough that many people would know both babies well.

    I know having a kid with the same name as another is inevitable, but what if it’s a name that’s much less rare? I just don’t feel comfortable. And right now I feel so sad.

    Being very honest, how would you proceed? Am I crazy for thinking we should (and probably will) start from scratch again? I already asked a friend of mine and she said “who cares!?” BUT I DO!!! Am I crazy?

    Our back-ups, that we didn’t love nearly as much, were:
    Liam (also so popular)

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    Honestly, i think I'd be a little put off too and it's clearly bothering you.

    My advice is to keep Walden on the table and give it some time. You might feel differently about using it again in a few weeks time or when the baby is born?

    Abram and Ira from your back up list are great but Winston, Walter, Marlon, Alder, Alden, Abel, Haytham, Blaine, Cormac and Lorcan came to mind too
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    You're not crazy! If a friend or acquaintance had taken Hattie's name before she came along I'd have been so upset! In fact, I was quite open with the name I had chosen for this reason.

    I think you need to think of the future implications. Will your Walden and this Walden ever meet? Even if they did, would it matter? Could you speak to the person and let them know how you're feeling? Their response might make up your mind on whether to use it or not and it'll clear the air before he gets here.

    I like your suggestions of Watson, Wolff (I know one who goes by Wolfie, cute!) And Ira. I also like greyblue's suggestion of Winston (Winn/Winnie?) And Walter.

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    This is so upsetting! I feel for you mama. I was worried about this happening too, and then everyone I knew had a baby girl and I’m expecting apparently the only joy in my friends/family and social media circles.
    If you’re truly sweet on the nickname Wally, I had considered Wallace and still think it’s a great name. I would personally have less trouble using the same nickname as the same name.
    I also think you might like Rafferty.

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    Oh no, I'm so sorry!! I would totally be as upset as you right now.
    The pp make good points, if you're really uncomfortable about still using the name then I would start looking again (as hard as it might be)... but definitely keep Walden on the back burner. Maybe you'll have your son and he wont look like a Walden/Wally? It's usually a good idea to have a couple names as backups just incase upon delivery anyways.

    If your friend doesnt seem to care about the association to this other Walden, then I'm sure you could get away with still using it.

    On another note, will you still be "acquaintances/friends" 10years from now to the family that used Walden? If not, then go ahead and use the name!

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    I think it's okay if you use the name you planned on still. Maybe if it was a sibling, cousin, or best friend, that could possibly warrant consideration of other names. What is it that bothers you about it? Do you not want mutual friends to think that you "copied" this friend's baby name? Are you worried that the babies will be around each other often and it could be confusing or awkward? I personally think it's most important that you choose a name you love, love to say, feel comfortable with. If you do look for another name and don't find one you love as much, I would definitely just go for it. Especially if you only see this friend occasionally. Once or twice a year? Definitely go for it. And while Walden isn't a top ten name, it isn't unheard of or uncommon, and nobody owns a name. I would feel disappointed too though if a friend used my chosen baby name before my baby was born. I like Abram and Liam from your list of alternatives! Maybe you would also like Rowan, Bramwell, Winston, Alden, or Grady?

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    I would be just as upset as you are. And I did reject a few names that I love for this same reason when naming my son. But nobody "stole" our name at the last minute!

    Now, with that being said I would have to start looking for a different name. But, my advice to you would be wait a little while and see if it still bothers you. If you still love Walden then that's your name go ahead and use it.

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    So what are you going to do if your kid goes to school and shares a name with a classmate? Are you going to keep changing it so that he never meets another little ______?

    The other mom isn’t even a close friend of yours, just someone you know. Sorry, but I really think you need to get over it. Give your baby the name you like.
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