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    Which fits our all boy sibset?

    I would love a few opinions on these names, they are all saint or family names with special meanings.

    Valeria / Valerian

    Any suggestions would be great! TY!

    Our girl name the next go around is probably Marigold.
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    Benjamin - this is a nice classic that isn't too overused. Nicknames Ben and Benji are also appealing. One of my favorites on your list.

    Leo - this name is okay. Succinct, but could stand on its own. Not my personal favorite, but a fine name.

    Finnian - another favorite! Benjamin Finnian flows in my mind, perhaps a little -n heavy, but I think it sounds handsome. Finnian could also work as a first name with the potential for cute nickname Finn. This is my favorite from your list.

    Basil - I can't get past the herb association personally. I could see it working on a pet, but not so much a boy.

    Barnabas - this is a lot of name and a little dated. Potential nickname Barny doesn't make it better imo.

    Valerian - I like the sound of this. Maybe as a middle? As a first, it is a tad unusual. If that's your style though, it works perfectly.

    Ivan - Ivan is nice and also not too terribly common, which is a plus. Sounds strong, yet modern. Ivan Valerian is possibility, too.

    So Benjamin, Ivan, and Finnian are the top contenders to me. The rest could work as middles, though. You definitely have a unique style! Best of luck

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    My favorites with your boys names are Leo and Finnian (probably my top choice). I would like Barnaby though!

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    I think Finnian and Basil would go best with your set.

    Finley/Finley (personally prefer this over Finnian)

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    Benjamim - nice enough, but quite popular and familiar compared to your boys

    Leo - sweet and lively!

    Finnian -brilliant - familiar but unique and fits with your boys

    Basil - vintage a little clunky but sweet.

    Barnabas -i prefer Barnaby and feel like that matches your boys but Barnabas is great too. I like the flow

    Valeria*/*Valerian - intersting -ive never come across it before but i quite like Valerian. Mabye more for a middle, but i need to think about it!

    Ivan -love this! Feels rugged and cool

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    I love Leo, and I like that it doesn’t end with an “n” since two of your three already do. It gives the sibset some good balance.

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    I'm really into Basil and Valerian. Runner ups would be Finnian and Barnabas.

    Basil has a "Earthy, wild" vibe that I get from your sibset. I think it fits really well, and is a super handsome name that ages well.
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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Benjamin-This is a great name, but it's not super special. Very solid & handsome; just a bit over done.

    Leo-This is cool. Kind, smart & spunky.

    Finnian-Ooh, I like it! It's one of my favorite 'Finn' names, & I just adore Finn & Finney. So boyish yet gentle.

    Basil-This is really cool. It's unique & a little artsy. You could also do the nn Bash, which is fun.

    Barnabas-This is nice. I love Barnaby. It's kind of the adorable version, but Barnabas is really strong & handsome. Kind of a big name to give a baby, but the nns Barnes or Barney are really cute.

    Valeria / Valerian-I don't care for this one. Valeria sounds feminine, & Valerian just sounds like a Sci-fi term.

    Ivan-I like this. It's unique, strong, & handsome. It's not overly butch, but just the right amount of manly. A little artsy too.

    Oh, also Marigold is beautiful.

    Hope this helps.
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    My favorite with bros would be Finnian but my favorites in general are Barnabas and Basil. Wdyt of Barnaby? I think Shepherd would fit well with your set, too.

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    Thank you so much for your opinions berries! You have been really helpful.

    I wasnt sure how well Finnian would go over but I love that its well received here, i could see boy girl twin set Marigold and Finnian going beautifully together too.
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