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    Hugo, Freddie or Oliver baby #4

    Hi Nameberries,

    Only 8weeks to go and I’d love your opinion on which name sounds better with our current brood. We have Emilia (Millie), Maxwell (Max) and Charlotte (Lottie). Our surname is one syllable and I’m thinking we go with either Martin or Alexander as the middle name (family names).

    Out of Oliver (Ollie), Frederick (Freddie) and Hugo, which do you prefer?

    Can’t wait to hear from you.


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    I love all three of these names and to be honest, I think they all go well with your children’s names. If you care about symmetry I’d say either Oliver or Frederick as they are longer names with nicknames that you’d use predominantly like your kids’ names, but I would probably go with Hugo myself, simply because I really love it and because Oliver in particular is too popular for my liking.

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    Hello! Your kids have great names and you have excellent choices for your 4th! Oliver and Frederick are two of my favorite boys names!! I just realized I know a family with 4 kids and 3 of the 4 kids are Charlotte, Emilia, and Oliver. Go figure!! Just thought I'd share. Anyway, my favorite is Frederick nn Freddie. I think Freddie sounds perfect with the siblings nicknames. I'm torn for 2nd place but I like "Hugo and Max" more than "Ollie and Max". Best of luck as you decide!

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    I think Oliver and Frederick go best with Emilia, Maxwell, and Charlotte. I personally adore both but adore Oliver most. I personally would not use a nickname for Oliver; Millie, Max, Lottie, and Oliver.

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    Frederick works best to me!!
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    I like Frederick with Emilia, Maxwell, and Charlotte.
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    I like all 3 but Frederick "Freddie" is my favourite with your children
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    Hugo! Then Oliver.

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    I think either Oliver or Fredrick go best with your sibset. Personally, I prefer Oliver, however I find Fredrick a slightly better fit with the flow of your other children's names.
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    Definitely Frederick/Freddie! Hugo is my second favorite.

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