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    Did you ever go through a period of not liking your name?

    My brother, step-brother and I have all gone through periods (at least once) where we didn’t like our names. Not for very long periods as in many months or years, but nor do I mean just one day you don’t like it and then the next day you are fine with it again. I also am not really getting at the grass is greener where you meet someone and really like their name and wish you had theirs.

    I have always wondered if this was just a family trait or something circumstantial around our names. So I am curious if others have grown up with the same feelings at different times.

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    Definitely. I went to school and when I had to be called Jessica #2 or "the other Jessica" I'd ask my mom why I had such a common name. In 1985 she'd only heard the name once and she wasn't aware it was going to sky rocket that year. Most times though I didn't think much of it. It was just normal.
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    Yes, definitely. Mostly I feel neutral to a bit eh with my nam, but I've also had a number of periods of really loathing it and wanting a different one
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    My name is Brynn. I do love having a unique name (especially being named Brynn at my age, it’s more popular for babies now). It’s definitely not my personal style but I can appreciate it. Now a days I do prefer the spelling Bryn I think.

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    Oh for sure. Especially because no one can remember what it is, and no one spells it right even when they have my paperwork or id. In the end, I usually realize that my name is part of who I am and part of what formed me, so I wouldn't change it. But I think that's totally normal.
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    Oh, definitely! It was really only for a brief period when I was pretty young (maybe 8 or 10) but I outgrew it. I couldn't imagine having a different name. Interestingly enough, since you brought up the family aspect of it, my eldest niece dealt with this, too! For over a year, she'd introduce herself as Emma. She wrote it on her school papers, told people to call her it, and truly seemed to identify with the name. She was about 7 at the time. She came to outgrow that but I wouldn't be surprised if she did change her name to Emma one day!

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    I’ve always had issues with my name. When I was really little (like 4) I didn’t like it because it didn’t end in an -a sound like my sister Leah’s, because at the time my favorite princess was Aurora so I thought -a names sounded more feminine. In middle school, I thought it was too old fashioned, especially next to my friends named Caylee and Laken. For the last 8 or so years, I’ve just hated how popular it is. I’ve known girls with the same first and middle, and same first and last names as me. I’ve been in classes where almost half of the girls are named Abby (only in dance, thankfully, but still 2/5 and 3/7).

    I wouldn’t change it because I respect that my mom put thought into my name and loves it but I still hate how overused it is.
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    I don't think I know anyone who really, really loves their name. I'm all right with mine; I go through periods of almost liking it, but most of the time I'm fairly neutral towards it or even dislike it. People struggle to spell it, although I use the most common spelling, so that annoys me too.
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    I think a lot of people go through periods of not liking their name. When I was a teenager, I really disliked my name because there was always another girl in my class with the same name (it was one of the most popular names when I was born). I felt it wasn't distinctive enough. Since then, my feelings towards it have mellowed. It isn't a name I would choose personally but it's a serviceable name and I can't imagine changing it. However, for my own children I would choose less popular names.

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    I spent most of my life disliking my name - I just didn't like the sound of it. It's only been in my 20's that I've appreciated the uniqueness of it and the reasons my parents chose it. My husband also loves my name and the unique spelling, which helps make it feel more special to me.
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