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    Lilly/Lily vs. Lyla/Lilah/Lila

    SO and I are expecting (still early) but we are already discussing names!
    We have a very different taste on girls names, the only two names we agree on are

    Lilly/Lily and Lyla/Lilah/Lilah.

    Please vote on which name you prefer and comment with your preferred spelling as well (if you want!).

    Thank you!!!

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    I adore Lily, this spelling.

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    I think Lily is an overused name (it’s still pretty tho).
    I adore Lilah!
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    Here to vote for Lily! Simple and elegant.
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    I vote Lily. Short and sweet.
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    I’ve always like Lily, however it is so popular and I prefer the slightly softer sound of Lyla
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    I like both names equally. My preferred spellings are Lily and Lila. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Lyla or Lila gmv!!
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    I know sooo many baby Lilys that it's lost it's sparkle for me.

    I voted Lyla/Lilah/Lila - I love the Lilah spelling (reminds me of Lilac).
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    I love both Lily and Lyla/Lilah. Two Ls in Lilly just look unnecessary and Lila can be mispronoumced lee-lah
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