View Poll Results: Do Winnie and Willa work as sisters?

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    Do Winnie and Willa work as sisters?

    Would love to get opinions. I like Willa Mae and Wynn AdelaideWinnie” but wonder if they’re too similar. They don’t feel TOO matchy to me really, they both feel classic but one is more southern sounding to me and one more traditional.

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    Hi there.

    I think that they work. They're a little matchy, but not too over done that it'd be a deal breaker. Beautiful combos btw! I know that you didn't ask for spelling advice, but I think Wynnie would make more sense as a nn for Wynn.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think they work perfectly fine as a sibling set. I would avoid another Wi (or even W) name if there are future children...unless you want a pattern.

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    I think they are too matchy. I like both though!

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    Too matchy for me. I'm not a fan of shared initials, but I would t say that alone is 'too matchy', but the names are also similar. Maybe if Winnie was a nickname for a longer name like Winnifred.
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    Way too similar

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    I just see Willie Wonka for some reason.

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