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    Honest opinions on baby boy name please

    Hi all!
    The way I came to the name is a long story but I am considering Braigh (Bray) for my son when he is born. There is just about nothing anywhere about this. I have seen it a few times for a boy and a few for a girl but I would love honest opinions on whether you think it is better suited to a girl or a boy. I know the spelling Bray is used for a boy but I just love my spelling which, when an accent is added to the a makes it a Scottish word for the highest point , the top but makes the pronunciation Bry. I already have a Bryar so that doesn’t work. People are forever changing the spellings of things so I figure that isn’t a big deal. I like that it’s different but not weird but because there is so little out there on it and what there is is equally male and female, I need help. I truly appreciate you all and that I can turn here for advise! Thank you!

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    Honestly my first thought was like a donkey braying, which could cause some teasing. So I really prefer your spelling. I think some people might have trouble pronouncing it at first but after one correction they'll get it. It seems more like a boy name to me, but with the aigh spelling I could see it getting confused with a girl name.
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    I agree with PP, I knew someone who named her daughter Brayliegh and unfortunately when she announced it at least three adults said out loud "you mean like a donkey??" So I would be worried about teasing. I don't think the spelling matters much, because most of the time the name will be heard out loud, but I do think it has a more feminine sound.

    Everything else aside and I worry if maybe it's too close to Bryar's name? Calling for them both might be a bit of a mouthful.

    What is it about Braigh that you like? Maybe we can help you find some other ideas?

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    Thank you both! I think you may be right. I loved the name Braith originally but that just has lisp written all over it. I think I just loved the spelling of Braigh especially with the accent (love Gaelic names/words). I also liked that it was unique and would be his own. Mason has been on my list for 20 years but it wasn’t super popular then. I want something different, a “wow that’s a great name” name, short and sweet, definitely for a boy yet not too tough or rough, not too preppy. I have so many girls names! I did not expect a boys name to be so difficult lol! I might be trying too hard to make this one work!

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    Well your daughters name has a lot of good qualities,
    It's a known name
    A nature name
    In a story
    Rarely used
    -er name that isn't a surname

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    I like the way Braigh looks as well, but I wouldn't personally go for it given the associations, struggles to spell/pronounce and the fact that it is quite close to his sister's name. Bryar is a great name. I think it would go well with a down-to-earth type of Scottish name, e.g.:

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    Bryar & Blair
    Bryar & Aulay
    Bryar & Callum
    Bryar & Edan
    Bryar & Evander
    Bryar & Grant
    Bryar & Innes
    Bryar & Lachlan
    Bryar & Rory
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    Thank you! I agree! I love what you suggested. Callum is on my short list. Ainsley I like but so many girls are using it. Eden I love but again girls, but I love how you spelled it. That may make all the difference! I appreciate the thought you put in! I am going to play with these in my head as they all do work wonderfully with my daughters name.

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    Aww, thank you! Brighton I will definitely consider! That does work well.

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    Braigh is okay. I know of a little boy called Brae, and always thought it sounded unfinished. It's quite sweet though!
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    Oh thank you so much! I do know what you mean too. I keep thinking I could add ton or dan or something but then I think I’m trying too hard and taking too much liberty. I 100% love the look of the name, like 90% the sound. But I do appreciate the vote for it’s ok. I’m afraid it’s not out of the running yet so that was really nice to hear.

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