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  • Sebastian

    21 67.74%
  • Sullivan

    10 32.26%
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    Sebastian or Sullivan?

    I was all set to name baby no. 3 (if it is a boy) Sebastian (nn Seb), brother to Theodore (Theo) and Josephine (Jo). But just recently came across the name Sullivan and it's stuck in my head. What's your preference and why? I personally think I like the full name Sebastian more than Sullivan, but prefer the nickname Sully to Seb.

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    I think they both go well with Theodore and Josephine. I personally prefer Sebastian. I also like Bastian.

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    Both are great but i think i prefer Sebastian!
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    Sebastian is perfect with Theodore and Josephine in my opinion! I do like Sullivan and Sully as a nickname but Sebastian has always been one of my favourites - it’s hard to beat. Like the previous poster I also love Bastian - it’s my front runner if I have a boy next.

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    I prefer the name Sullivan, but it sounds like your heart is with Sebastian. It certainly matches his brother and sister's names better but I cannot get on board with Seb as a nickname. Zeb looks and sounds a bit nicer though. All the best deciding!

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    I dont like either but prefer Sullivan. Not fond of the nn Sully but I do like Levi for it. Instead of Sebastian I'd go with just Zeb.
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    Agree with the previous poster, love Zeb as a nickname for Sebastian. I think both names would flow well with the siblings, but Sebastian probably a bit more so because it sounds classier in my ears, especially given the siblings have very classy names as well.
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    Have you considered Bash as a potential nickname for Sebastian? I prefer Sullivan on its own, but Sebastian does go better with Theodore and Josephine.

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    Hi there.

    Sebastian does seem like a perfect fit w/Josephine & Theodore. Sullivan is really cute though, & it doesn't not fit. It's way less common, & Sully is adorable w/Theo & Jo. One more thing to consider is, if you like Sebastian but not Seb that much, there are other nn options. I like Sebby, Satch & Bash too!

    Hope this helps.
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    If we're comparing name to name, I prefer Sullivan. But, I also agree with all the PPs that Sebastian fits so well with Theodore and Josephine! I'd pick the name you love and let the nickname come naturally later. For instance, my best friend named her son Remington and swore she hated the nickname Remy. But, that's what we call him 95% of the time now, including her, and it suits him perfectly.

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