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    Eleanor Helena Ruth or Helen?!

    Help! We can’t decide between


    Her big brother is named Theodore and goes by Theo so we want a solid shortening or some sort of pet name. I like Nell/Nellie a lot and Rosie but aren’t sure about the others?

    Thank you 😀

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    My favorite from your list is Edith "Edie"

    We would have loved to have named our last baby Theodore, but, having already used Eleanor, it was off the table for us. Too similar in sound, and both famous Roosevelts. Just something to think about if this hasn't occurred to you!

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    I love Edith, so it is my favorite of your options. There is was also an Edith Roosevelt, but I don't think many people know that. I would avoid Eleanor with the brother name, but I like Helena as a way to get Nell.
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    I love both Eleanor and Edith!
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    Helena and Edith are my favorites! I agree that using both Eleanor and Theodore isn't necessarily desirable.

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    I LOVE Eleanor nn Nell and, whilst I don’t adore Edith I do love Edie. Either would be great with Theodore! I’m not sure I’d let the Roosevelt reference put me off using Eleanor with Theodore if it was my favourite...

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    I really love Rosaline and Theodore, but I am a sucker for symmetry and those both have 8 letters each! Ha! Rose and Theo! Dang, so much symmetry. On the other hand I love the nn Rosie.

    I also think Edith "Edie" would work well with Theo.

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    Helena "Nell" gets my vote. I say HELEN-uh myself, and prefer that pronunciation over others. This way you get to somewhat combine three of your favourites -- Helen, Helena & Nell -- into one name, so to speak. Theodore & Helena/Theo & Nell would make for a lovely sibling duo. I prefer Nella to Nell/Nellie myself, which would work well for Helena.

    I'm not sure about Theodore & Eleanor together, both for the similar ending sounds as well as the Roosevelt association. I do think Edith works well with Theodore, and I really like the nickname of Edie, however, I do find Edith to be quite dated. Ruth is nice, though a little too plain perhaps next to Theodore, and Rosaline is nice, but I think the 'is it said LINE or LEEN' confusion would be something to be wary of - the nickname of Rose though would be lovely.

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    Helena nn Nell or Edith nn Edie

    Great options with Theodore
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