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    Help name my baby girl!

    G'day to all the nameberries out there!
    I just made an account after finding out that the baby I am expecting is a girl! I am 21 weeks along, and my husband and I could not be more thrilled to welcome our first child into the world. However, we are really struggling to come up with any names for this little girl! My husband and I seem to have very different naming styles, and it is making for some serious difficulty in picking a name.
    I really love boyish names for girls, and my husband does not at all. He has already vetoed Carson, Sawyer, Emerson, Parker, Blake, Campbell, Shawn, and Reese.
    My husband on the other hand is a big fan of 'trendy' names for girls. Some of his favorite names that I have vetoed are Cora, Arianna, Kinsley, and Mae.
    Some names we both like are Billie, Kendall, Blaire, and Teagan, but we don't love them. So, here we are. We need help! If you have any suggestions that would marry our two naming styles, I would really appreciate it.

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    Some names that you both might like are
    - Madison: it used to be a boys name, so it might appeal to your "boyish" naming style
    - Cameron: this is another boy name used on girls, and your husband might like the nickname Cami
    - Anniston: another unisex name that is really trendy because of the Jennifer Anniston reference!
    - Harlow: I think you could both really like this, because it is trendy right now, but has a unisex feeling with the Har- beginning, reminiscent of Harry
    - Finley: a typical boys name that is becoming more popular for girls. You could spell it Finlie, or Finleigh to make it seem more feminine and trendy
    - Ashlyn: Ash could be a more unisex nickname, and the -lyn ending is super trendy right now
    - Emery: Another boys name that is now more popular for girls, with Emmy as a great nickname
    - Kennedy: typical boys name that has become really trendy for girls

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    How about Willa, August, Sage, Hadley, Arden, Quinn, Darcy, Olive nn Oli, Eleanor nn Leni or Marlowe? Frankie and Aurora nn Rory are great suggestions too!

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