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    Red face Is Maximilian too pompous for a baby? Is Maxwell not pompous enough?

    Hi yall! This is my first time posting here so I'm apologizing in advance if the format is weird or wtv, but I needed a soundboard for my thoughts!

    So, we are having a baby boy! Yay yay yay. Life is good.

    Anyway, we are pretty set on having the baby be Max LastName (LastName being a short, strong last name. Think something like Greer). We both agree that "Max" isn't a name by itself, but the child will be known and called as Max. We just want a longer version for more official paperwork or when we are yelling at him

    Middle name will be Alexander.

    I *love* the sound of Maximilian. My husband thinks it's too hoity toity and too "British". He prefers Maxwell. I just think it sounds like something you'd name a pet, not a kid. Also, what's up with the "well" part? I just can't wrap my head around it. Is Maxwell Alexander a decent name? Is Maximilian Alexander a mouthful, even if we'll never call him that?

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on that? We aren't considering any of the other "Max" variants such as Maximus, Maxim, Maxson, etc.

    Siblings are Audrey, Emilia and James. All known by nicknames (Aud, Emmy, Jimmy), so Max fits in well.

    TIA! ♡

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    I think Maximilian is pretentious, yes. The "well" element in names comes from an Old English word meaning "stream." Maxwell literally means "Mack's stream."

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    I myself have a Max, just plain Max. So I see nothing wrong with Max being a kids full name.

    But anyway I prefer Maxwell over the other Max names.

    Congrats on your baby.

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    I do think Maximilian is a bit pompous and overly grand. Maxwell has a very sophisticated, cool, edgy vibe while still being down to earth enough!

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    I think with your kids names, Max or Maxwell fits best. Maxwell is my favorite

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    My parents had the exact same issue! They loved Max on a boy but thought that it needed a full name. They settled on the name Maxwell (baby ended up being a girl, my youngest sister) with the thought that he would exclusively Max, almost 100% of the time.

    I think Maximillian is a big name, and Maximillian Alexander is really long and heavy. I prefer Maxwell and I also think that better matches your other children's’ names. Maxwell Alexander is very handsome!
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    I prefer Maxwell. Maxwell Alexander is very handsome. Maximilian Alexander is very long and does sound a bit pretentious.

    What about Maxim or Maxton?
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    Seconding everyone's opinion here. Maxwell Alexander looks nice, Maximilian Alexander is a bit heavy (I personally don't think Maximilian is pretentious mostly because it's a very popular, "normal" name in Germany, but in the US it might indeed come across that way).

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    I do think it's a bit of a grand name, but why does it matter? It's still perfectly usable. Maximilian Alexander does sound like a Prussian prince, though.
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